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Friday, October 03, 2008'♥

A Lazy Afternoon...

Today marked the third day of the "Golden Week" in China.

We had a total of five days in a row. This week had been a tiring week as on Monday we went to this very famous place of interest in Suzhou, it's so damn packed man. Not to mention the bus, ppl are FIGHTING FOR THE BUS, it's a scary sight, pull hair, push, elbow all these action packed drama just to get in the pathetic bus.

I decided I had enough.... therefore I'm staying in the hostel together with the landlord's daughter while the rest of my friends went out shopping in the city.

As I'm lazing around in the hostel, watching dvds and webcaming with my frens. My landlord daughter Ah Ling came into my room and said she's hungry. At that moment, I just said ok I go cook now...and she got so excited that she dragged me to the market below. Oh man, my first time visit to the market in CHINA, it's so damn big...of coz not to mention not very hygienic.

Anyway here's a pic of what I cooked....pls dun laugh....

The dishes are: Fried meatballs, tomato egg, stir fry xiao bai cai and Long bean with luncheon meat.

Haha the meat ball abit chao ta cause the fire abit big that time but anyway both of us managed to finish the dishes except the tomato egg cause we are really damn full that time haha.

I hoped she dun really have stomache after this. :)

Anyway I'm not going to post alot of pics in this entry as I'm LAZY....today supposed to be a simple lazy day for me to watch dvds and nothing else haha.

Yesterday I was webcaming with one of my sec sch fren Chen Wei and he showed me this...

He actually bought this lah....WAD A BIG DIAMOND ring... haha it's supposed to be a paperweight lolz.. so creative man....I will go psycho him and let me take a pic with this when I'm back.

Oh ya he's brother is in the Superband grand finals, Please support 大风吹 this Sunday if you have been supporting this show all this while haha.

Dun always think that Dabao is very boring here in Suzhou, everyday sitting by the beside...he actually webcam with his brother yesterday man....

Haha...COOL rite... dabao misses xiaobi so much...and they finally get to see each other lolz.

Orite it's lame....

Just for laugh..

My landlord daughter's just woke up and asked me to watch Dvds with her le.....GOOD BYE...

Short Note: the first step...

With Love, 1:36 PM

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