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Monday, October 06, 2008'♥

Birthdays after Birthdays...

It's kinda of sad to have to celebrate your birthday when you're overseas without your close friends and family members. Thank God that my birthday(*one week after im back *hint**hint*) doesn't fall during my attachment period and the worse thing is the other three of my attachment mates birthday falls in Sept and Oct..haha so what I could do is to help my dear attachment mates to celebrate their birthday with a smile... tat's the least I could do isn't it.

Alvin's Birthday Celebration...

The birthday cake... my first try of China's cake...ermm it's too creamy..cream no need money man...

The candles are so special here..me and rebecca love this candle alot..it's a lotus flower when u light up it will open up like a flower automatically and the birthday song kept playing non-stop until u cut the wire away..COOL we are so going to buy the candles back...haha....

The birthday boy Alvin who just came out from the bathroom... SWEET 19 for him yawnz I"M OLD... Anyway he loved superman so much that we bought him a superman cd case and a shirt..

Birthday Boy with our landlord Ah ping Jie...

Why no photos after this? Cause of the stupid cake lah..so cremy that they started throwing at one another. Dun worry Lao niang is not that childish to join in the fun haha..

Rebecca's bd..

This time it's Chocolate cake bought by Ah Ping jie

The cake with the candle that haven't light up and become a lotus flower..

The birthday girl

Making her wish for her Sweet 20 birthday....

We bought her a mickey mouse key pouch which she loved so much cause she is a Mickey Mouse fanatic woohooo...

One more bd to go which is CS's birthday at the end of the month. And me this birthday co-ordinator will have to crack my head for ideas already. Haha..

I had serious Monday Blues today... or perhaps post holiday mood... Arggghhh no more holidays liao in China...yawnzz

Can't wait to be back in Singapore.. 40plus days to go....

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With Love, 8:35 PM

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