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Saturday, September 27, 2008'♥


This is one of the most popular street in Suzhou City. It’s just like the Orchard Road in Singapore, as busy as ever. During the mooncake festival short holiday, we head over to the street and did some shopping.

For sports lover, there’s so much Adidas, Nike, Puma shop available that I lost count of it. All I ever knew was, everywhere was on SALE. Haha.

Anyway if they say Singapore is food paradise, China is lagi better haha. There’s food everywhere at every corner, it’s just whether you dare to eat anot and most of the food is yummy. Of course, you wouldn’t want to see how they prepare the food before that haha.

Time for some pics…

Because that time when we went there it’s a public holiday, so it’s full of people. No wonder they said China is overpopulation that’s so true.

First Stop: 肉月饼

Mooncake Festival besides eating the normal mooncake, have you tried meat mooncake before? Well, I spent half an hour queuing for this, it’s so nice.

Before that, Magnum first… Singapore so expensive, here only 4RMB, yeah the chocolate is so rich.

It looked like normal shaobing on the outside but inside it’s juicy meat. Nice 12 for S$4. See their face and you will know how delicious it is.

Next Stop: 猪肉串

The four poor students in China….

Third Stop: 冰糖葫芦

When I was young and I watched those oldies show, I often see the kids wanting to eat this and it’s always my dream to eat this. I finally got the chance YEAH!!!

Yeah tones of it…. Since I don’t eat Haw, So I opted for the fruit ones. I loved it.

There’s no need to makeup in China haha…I think after my three mths here I will forgot how to paste fake eyelashes anymore haha.

Fourth Stop: 臭豆腐

If you think Hongkong and Taiwan got the best smelly tofu, let me tell you China will not lose out either…wakaoz the smell is really unbearable especially when the whole street is selling that..faintz!

People are queuing for it man.

My first virgin try and I think it’s really yummy, just put in straight into ur mouth, its crispy J

Don’t think we ate the whole day, we actually did walk around,

Me and Ah Ling, my landlord’s daughter, I’m like her sister, she quite close to me.

Someone trying to be funny.

You want to prosper? You can try it here..haha how true? I not very sure too cause I never go in.

Some random pics

KFC my company's biggest client..however the chicken here are all Original no crispy at all...Awww..I miss Singapore...

Come on... Translate this into hokkien? Wad a cool car name...

Nice bridge

The first Church I saw in China...

What a familiar Bank... awww it make me feel so Singaporean..

But for now... I love China haha..

There’s more pics actually but now I'm going to cherish my only Online time, got to surf web and watch my online show le bye...

Short Note: Integration

With Love, 9:23 AM

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