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Thursday, September 04, 2008'♥

Catching Up Session....

For the past few days, been busy meeting up friends to catch up on our life before my trip next week. Perhaps it's the running around that makes me fall sick these few days. Nevertheless, the little sickness did not affect my mood, I'm still happily meeting up my friends.

Well, lazy to type so much... Let me upload the pics first before it piled up.

Date: Monday 1 Sept
Venue: Kristen's Condo
Activity: Steamboat

Me and Pat Pat my fave year one classmate

Preparing the food...

Me and Kristen

Shuling, Kristen and Pat Pat

The food...

There's supposed to have two soup base, tom yum and chicken stock..but due to our hungriness we put in too much food and it overflow....haha but afterall it tasted great...

Those who were presented...


Carebear's gang Head and Vice Chairman Long Long

Carebear's Gang Devoted Members haha...

The after effect...

Next Program.... my fave past time...drinking...

Cheers to a better tmr...

Her belated bd gift...DISCO ball

Texas Poker up next...oh my it's damn professional lah the chips ahah..

It's fun to gather once a while...and they said we shall meet every 1 Sept in the future...Let's see will that happen haha...


Date: Tuesday, 2 Sept
Venue: Selyn's House
Activity: Customized my camera

After my briefing session with my attachment company, went over to Selyn's house to customize our cameras...We both had Pink Cameras and we shall make it a girly one lolz...

Maverick.. cute and naughty nephew of Selyn... But I do get along fine with him haha..

The finished work...

In detail


Some might feel it's messy.. But I dun care cause I liked it alot haha...and tks to Selyn for modifying some parts of it lolz...


Date: Wednesday, 3 Sept
Venue: Powerhouse at St James
Activity: Clubbing with the girls

Finally the all four of us had the chance to club together...it's a rare sign seriously haha. Enjoyed myself with them. Seriously the five free drinks for the Ladies were awesome. Loved the management alot!!!!.....four of us meant 20 drinks....wohoooooo.

On the train....

one word of advice: Eat first before you drink, or eat a slice of butter..it helps to increase ur capacity of drinking as well as to protect you gastric haha...

What women do...

Ladies Privilege

Is he looking in the camera intentionally?

My newly trained young clubbers... Should I show this pic to their parents? hahaha

This pic summed up our night... oh ya the booze is only quarter of it..so you can imagine how generous St James is haha...

Let's go for more this kind of session after I'm back man....


Date: Thursday, 4 Sept
Venue: Tampines Mall & Century Square
Activity: Movie cum Lunch

Met up with Mr Bullshit aka Dexun for movie this afternoon... We had this habit that whoever is buying the tickets we would not let the other party know what show we are watching only until we reached the cinema and the show started....

So today, I had totally no idea which show we would be catching and it turned out that this is one movie I wanted to watch after reading Xiao Han's blog the other time...

Yeah Journey to the Centre of the Earth...yea i know the pic abit small...i lazy to upsize it... anyway the movie was great!!! It's exciting together with some humour parts oh man even though I'm suffering from sniffing and coughing throughout the show, even though I was so tired and sick it still managed to catch my attention throughout. So nice!!! I loved the plot...

This movie did not had a lot of publicity and I'm really glad that Mr Bullshit chose the right movie haha.. Hopefully there would be a part two on a different place haha.

After the movie it's lunch time!!!

A sickly me with no makeup hahaha yucks

Guys just don't like to take pics rite?

You see... Now u know what I meant haha..

Anyway we had Sakae Sushi buffet...due to sore throat I didn't ate that much cause u know most of the side orders are fried dishes...and sushi are limited....I still prefer my Nihon Mura....cheaper and more cheaper variety haha..

oh yes will be meeting up my two dear cousins for dinner there...It's been long since we really met up due to our busy lifestyle. Thank you Ms Tupperware for organizing it :)

Will be meeting Joewyn for lunch before that hopefully.

Sat and Sun to Batam

Oh no, did I mention I haven't packed my luaggage yet for China?? Mama is so going to nag at me every now and then.

But from what I know.... it's beauty sleep time!!!! who cares lolz

Short Note: Need you no more...

With Love, 10:10 PM

Lover ♥

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