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Sunday, September 07, 2008'♥

After 5 months..

Exactly after 5 long months, I'm back to Batam once again.

So happy to be back.

The feeling of being able to visit my grandma, my cousins, uncles, aunties, nephew, niece was great!! I loved this kinda of family bonding session.

Not to mention, the shopping session.

Me and Shufen bought so much stuffs that we had to buy a luggage bag to put it in. Haha.

I loved my new pink mouse, pink polo ralph tee, luggage bag, my indo mee goreng, necessities..blah blah blah...

Shufen was a more powerful shopper until she had to munch biscuits for the rest of the month.

We loved the feeling of shopping freely, taking short breaks in between as the mall is just five mins away from my uncle's house....

In summary, I loved this trip..even though I'm having cramps for my PMS the whole day today..

Will upload the photos soon..hopefully by tmr...want to do it before I leave Singapore..if not i will hear constant nagging....

Short Note: Shadows of you everywhere

With Love, 11:31 PM

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