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Monday, September 08, 2008'♥

76 days to go...

When asked whether I'm excited abt the trip...

I answered: Orite Lah

When asked whether am I nervous

I answered: Hmm... haven't feel anything yet

When asked whether am I happy

I answered: A little

I'm not sure why I'm feeling this way, but somehow or rather right now I just don't want to think of anything else. Maybe before I went into the departure gate, the emotions will then hit me and I might cry a little.

Thank you friends for being there for me, helping me, accompanying me and treating me. Special thanks to : Selyn and Yuxuan for packing the luggage for me... You know how lousy and disorganized Li Li is and mama you're the best...As for xiao bao gong... tks for always being by my side, accompanying me running the errands.

Joyce and Vivian tks for always bringing me laughter anad also the care and advices. Shufen for always tolerating my nonsense, Dexun for constantly reminding me what to bring, WW for your understanding of me being unable to meet you, Joewyn for your treat, my two beloved cousins Xh and Tupperware for the meetup, Stephy and Xiaowei for the well wishes and the promise of steamboat when I'm back, Zhen, for the bag you bought for me and many many many whom I can't get to meet it this week especially Ms X-tin... sorry abt that I will buy more yang yang jiao zhi back for you de I promised.

Thank you all for making me regret going overseas...cause I will surely miss you guys over there :(

Will try to come online whenever I got the chance.

Goodbye Singapore for 75 Days and Hello Su Zhou!!!

Short Note: youknowiwanttohearitfromyouthemost

With Love, 10:05 PM

Lover ♥

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