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Sunday, August 31, 2008'♥

New Lappy....

I am finally down from the mountain. Yesterday was my last paper and that explained why the lack of updates and you guys must have been pretty sian of my fr3b post ba haha.

Straight after the paper, I rushed to a few different places here and there... Like a mad cow...together with Yx we are TWO mad cows haha.

Ended Paper, went Lunch with Yx, Met Elsie and acc her for lunch, went Comex, went back my house and lastly went Shufen's house for mahjong.

That's my whole list of programs yesterday.

I got myself a new lappy and camera from Comex... there's so much freebies that come along with it.

You must have thought I've struck lottery rite?

Nah, it's a long story but I can sum it up in four words..... God does answer Prayers!!!!

My uncle bought me the lappy and it's a blessing...more about that later..

Now I'm typing this post with my new lappy...and it takes some time for me to get familiarized with.. I still prefer my Windows Xp than Vista....and there's so much application for me to download before I go Suzhou soon.

Promised to blog soon... I'm going to fix my stupid msn messenger prob.. I just can't seem to download it...Bloody Banana!!!

Short Note: Thank You!!!

With Love, 12:47 AM

Lover ♥

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