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Thursday, August 07, 2008'♥

Exactly two days before...

The start of the event, I was in the Museum packing the goodie bags with my classmates....This is the first time, I felt strong teamwork in my class. Though we are tired, I am really happy... Happy that with everyone's effort we can get things done fast.

The vast amount of goodie bags....

Can you guess what's in it besides the flag? Four more items to be added in tmr...It's going to be heavy and it's worth the queue....haha..

Goodie Bags 掌门人。。。。haha...

Finally the tentage and stage was up today... if you happen to pass by National Museum you will have get to see it..

All can't wait to take pics with the backdrop.....

Tmr will be another full day in the museum to set up the booths and stuffs....hopefully I will not need to camp there....

Can't wait for the event to start.....the excitement is building up....

Good weather to sleep now.....I love rainy nights....

Short Note: It's coming...

With Love, 10:50 PM

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