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Sunday, July 20, 2008'♥

Stage 2...

I'm old... it's a proven fact...

I ran in the rain yesterday with my classmate as it's supposed to be our final two rounds.

After the run, I felt miserable. I kept wanting to sneeze but nothing came out. Tears kept rolling non-stop like a tap.

Maybe it's due to my low immune system recently... (late nights plus stress) I felt weak.

This afternoon, I went for my project discussion. With the same effect on me, I wasted 1 2 3...... more than 15 tissues? And the best part was...

Marcus was affected by me too. How? maybe he was too near me hahaha...

So the both of us looked stupid with tissues stucked in our nose. For my case worse, one for nose, one for eyes.

The feeling was shit. Lousy...tired.

And now, I'm in stage two where mucus just won't stop flowing...

I just ate my two "flu" pills and I thought before the drowsiness kicks in I better upload my pics into my comp first cause I'll be too tired to do anything tmr....

I hope, I seriously hope I won't be sick or down with fever. It's gonna be a busy week this week. Arghhh..

AND I WANT TO GO TO THE BOOK FAIR AT EXPO tmr's the last day damn damn damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO pls.. my body.. zheng qi yi dian ba......

Alright.. my eyes gonna shut soon...

Good night everyone, stay healthy...and AVOID THE STUPID RAIN!!!!! -____-

Short Note: Sick Sick go away... dun ever come again

With Love, 1:22 AM

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