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Tuesday, July 22, 2008'♥

I have no idea....

Why I'm posting this email up. But when I was reading this just now, I'm laughing my ass off.. Haha.. Super hilarious if you know my supervisor in person.

Remember I'm being attached to this recruit agency in my school for three months? Oh well I've finally completed it. This Thurs, We are actually suppose to give a presentation of our research, that's why there's this email.

Now here it goes.....

Hi Guys,

I have no idea why at this time there are still people asking me about the dress code. I am getting worried because at your age you guys seem to have memory retention problem.

Let me repeat again. EVERYONE, SEMUA ORANG, 大家, LUN ZUN EH LANG, will wear office wear. This will include those also not presenting. Guys, Tie please, Ladies, office skirt preferably.

I will be very disappointed, depressed and angry to see anyone trying to make a bold fashion statement in a official event.

Can you forward to all your KSCC friends please….

Thank you and best regards,



Haha... He really makes my day.....LOLZ...

One more presentation to go.....Can't wait for it.. Today's Media Conference was fun. Will upload the video when my tutor burn us a copy.

Short Note: Just for laugh

With Love, 8:46 PM

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