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Wednesday, July 02, 2008'♥

Better Day = Tmr?

The last sentence of my prayer every night to God was " God, I pray for a better tmr. Amen."

Every time when I'm out drinking, when it's the time to cheers.. I would say"明天会更好" (I'm sure alot of you can relate to that)

When I had a bad day, everytime I would tell myself... tmr will be a better day...

Will tmr be a better day? Or will it be worse than today?

Even though I know sometimes it's fake but I think at least it gave me some little hope. It motivates me ahead.... Afterall, life is full of hope isn't it?

For now... I really pray for a better tmr....at this current moment....

Come on... let's hope that today will end real fast....

Short Note: when you had a bad morning, the road ahead seems so edgy.....

With Love, 12:50 PM

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