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Sunday, June 15, 2008'♥


This morning while I'm lazing on my bed, I heard a Chinese song from the radio.

The chorus goes like this (or somehow like these cause I'm still not fully awake yet)....

"Baby we will last forever, my love."

The word Forever meant differently to me at different growing stages of my life.

When I was a kid, I remembered listening to the fairy tale of Cinderella,

the last sentence of the story goes like this...

"and they both live happily forever."

At that point of time, Forever - to me meant every couple will love and stay together forever.

When I was a young teenager, I remembered my "stead" alphanumeric (sounds so long ago rite) paged me and

it goes like this....

"Dear I love you forever." I replied... "Me too love you forever and ever."

At that point of time, Forever - to me meant a term... a term which I could just casually used.

When I first attended church 8 years ago, I remembered the pastor preaching and it goes like this...

" God's love for us is forever."

At that point of time, Forever - to me meant so holy. Since God could love us forever,

I thought men could too.

When I found someone I loved three years ago, I remembered him telling me

"u bring happiness to me
and my life had changed for the better

and i also wish our love could carry on forever."

At that point of time, Forever - to me meant sweetness. I thought by giving out my love for that relationship

we could really be together forever.

When we broke up few months after that, I remembered one of my best friend consoling me on that very

fateful night and it goes like this....

"Guys and their empty promises of "FOREVER."

At that point of time, Forever - to me meant empty promises. There is no forever, no point telling me forever

and yet broke my heart the next day with a lame reason.

Just now when Yx msged me, I remembered her sms showed something like this..

"dun be mean to me and be nice to me forever."

At that point of time, Forever - to me meant defensive. I could have gave her an empty promises saying yes.

But I replied" there is no forever in this world, dun be young and naive." I thought I should be honest to her

though it's just a pointless sms :)

Now at this point of my life, Forever - to me meant a point where it could not be reached by human's

capability. Perhaps, only God could do that, afterall He's the Alpha and the Omega. Other than Him, I think it

would be difficult.

Maybe it's because of the past relationship that I'm quite defensive against this word, I'm defensive with guys

who liked to sweet talk and I'm defensive to guys who always thought of the future when we are at only the

starting point.

I only believed in the PRESENT. My motto now in life is to live happily everyday as life is so fragile

nowadays. What will happen in the future I don't care... what matters most is that I am happy now... or maybe

during PMS time I will try to be happy.

After all ....

Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift.

That's why it's called thepresent.

Cherish your present and be hopeful for the future....

But of course, I will not give up being hopeful for forever,

there can be miracles...when you believed (rite yx?) haha.

Short Note: You know how great ur impact is?

With Love, 6:48 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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