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Monday, May 05, 2008'♥

Once a Cheapo, Forever a cheapo...

If you ever know my real name.. and u clicked on the Org chart.. you would have know which dept do I belong to in my Events Project..

A cheapo in real life.. even in project also must be cheapo.... Sponsorship's DEPT!!!! Must try ways to ask for sponsors...Challenging rite?? haha I will continue my *roll on the floor* tactics..hopefully it works...

So now anyone who is working in a firm where your boss is kind enough to sponsor for an open house event on National Day?

Please feel free to contact me.. Our sponsorship team will be more than willing to liase with you haha..

More info about the event after the meeting with the client this Wednesday...

It's a busy week this week, there's so much work, meetings up to my neck...

But really I feel that I've learn alot of stuffs in Year 3. It's the year when I'm exposed to different assignments and gain my experience..

I'm really glad I chose HR and Corporate Comm (PR) as major..

The other time, Ms Joewyn was asking me are you sure you liked HR?

It's dull and boring.. You so active don't think you will like to work as a HR exec..

haha no no no

I always liked HR since ITE.. haha..and being attached now to this Recruitment agency adds on to my enthusiasm haha..

I'm so happy today i interviewed my first candidate..yeah!!!

Hopefully he would be assigned to a job soon :)

Short Note: Though it's busy but I liked doing what I'm doing now... :)

With Love, 10:08 PM

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