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Monday, May 26, 2008'♥

My Letter for Dumb Dumb....

Dear Dumb Dumb,

Do You Know that....

Just as I am stressing over my stupid project, almost went bonkers, almost needed conflict management...

You called me at the right time?... Thank you dumb dumb for cheering me up, I know I know you always tried to act man in front of me..but actually deep inside you're an old bear... a bear who don't mind everything, to hear my grumble and a bear who are there to dote me always...

I know I will always complain that you have no time for me...especially now that your shop just opened... I know I will always complain that you cared about ur car and dog more than me.. I know I will always complain that you are not cute enough...

It's enough....

After many events... I realized that it's enough... I shouldn't be asking for more...what's more important is we are -__________________ - now....

Short Note: 不要那么stress 加油加油加油!!!!。。。。it's just sounds convincing from you

With Love, 11:20 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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