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Wednesday, April 09, 2008'♥

The Other Side of Me...

I might be cheerful, friendly, happy-go-lucky, positive, encouraging, daring....

But do you know the other side of me??

Lots of people claimed they do...but actually they don't

Cause I seldom tell people how I feel, my thoughts, my problems...

Even if I do... that person won't understand my problem at all... or maybe my expectation is too high, I just can't seemed to relate to them.

The truth is... I'm one stubborn woman... even though I might know the consequences of some matter I continued my way through despite the efforts of others telling me that.

I got a bad habit...What I want I will just go for it... because I believed in this motto: You only live once. Once in a lifetime = no second chances....

Now you know why am i good fren with Ms X-tin for 11 years....


Recently, I went to this chalet of Jo and his gang of frens.. I knew them for more than five years le... maybe they are younger, when I'm with them I always did crazy stuffs with them like playing 123 Mu Tou Ren, dancing, exploring canals...and stuffs like that..

I always showed them my "happy" side...

That Night, P came to me and said.. " Shirley, you are not happy deep down inside is it?"

Of course I was shocked at this question, I replied: " How you know, haha haha haha I'm happy lei"

P: " I dunno but just that I can sensed it.. I know deep down you have your unhappiness just that you never shared with anyone and u just covered it up with your cheerfulness and by talking to your da bao."

Me: "Hee.. ya clever ah u.. not that I dun want to share lah.. just that me, myself also don't understand myself how can i expect ppl to understand me.. so da bao is the best medium.. no matter how sad or frustrated I am, he will listened and give me a big wide smile always..."

P: "I know we are younger than you and it's difficult for you to relate to us.. but you can try tell us your problems next time at least saying it out makes you feel better..."

Me: " Orite.. tks for your concern.. I will try de next time.. make sure you picked up my call ah"

People, it's difficult to find someone where you can share your problems with...and they will advised you back.. please cherish the one person... cause for my case, you can see it's difficult to find that someone...


Anyway on a happier note, pics from the chalet....

Me and my god-brother YS... Dote on him the most hahaha...we both love cute stuffs..and he's the only one who never pai chi da bao..and even took photos with him...haha

Chalet pics got to wait for Jo to send me first... I loved the 123 Mu Tou Ren the most... I managed to make everyone laugh with my stupid dance which includes: Chinese dance, breakdance, social dance, 7zai dance, retro dance... see I told you I can be crazy when I'm with them....

Four in the morning...I know I looked like shit with no makeup...

Very zhuai face... feel like slapping me?? haha

Me and Aaron aka harry potter.. nah he grew up le.. don't look like anymore haha..

My forever lousy fren Jo aka wang wang...

Thank you guys.. for bringing me so much laughter on that night... it's fun to have an annual chalet... it's fun to gather the whole gang...it's even fun to always play 123 Mu Tou Ren annually with different stunts... I love you guys Muacks :)

Short Note: Will you still love me tomorrow?

With Love, 11:13 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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