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Thursday, April 17, 2008'♥

It's been nearly two months...

Since I met up with my poly mates... As this is going to be the last holiday we had before our attachment.. All of us went on to meet our bestie, friends from sec sch, ITE, outside blah blah blah.. Cherish the time we had (machiam like very sad rite haha) Also, our working time clashes most of the time therefore meeting was often canceled.

So today, finally everyone gathered together for a simple outing before our school starts on MONDAY....

Before that checked my timetable online and my timetable this time round was alright.. The best thing is this MON i might not need to go school and also WED toooooooooooo. Most of my classes ends at 1pm wohooooo.

However I knew it, they won't be so good to us... The slack time-table only mean one thing... MORE TIME FOR PROJECTS!!!! arggghhhhh

Well but who cares just enjoyed the first week first then say hahaha.. It's my last year le... I expected stress stress stress lolz..


Me and Ah Yap met up first and we went to have our lunch at Lucky Plaza

We had Ria Ayam Penyet... I missed Batam so much suddenly...

Yummy Chicken $6, I loved the Chili, it's damn HOTTTTT...

My Soda Gembira in pink - it means Soda Happy drink liao will happy haha.. I wanted to order Avocado Juice (my fave) but it costs $3 here... NO WAY man.. I could get it in Batam for 6000Rupiah Which is around $1 and much bigger cup man...

We then met the rest at Taka and went for our shopping trip...Selyn finally bought her LongChamp BAG le wohooo..

Vivian bought this Ji dan Gao (oops not scolding anyone here) from MUJI.. cute rite the shape.. and yes I ate the Car away lolz..

Head over to Far east's Gelare for some chill out cum tea session...

Jessica, Joyce and Selyn aka Ah Yap...

Everyone supposed to act Emo after this...

Lao niang






We then proceeded to somewhere where u can countdown for Beijing's Olympics!!!!!!

113 Days to go!!!!!!! wohoohooo...

Where can you find a place where all the Branded Shops gathered?

We felt like a tai tai today.. going in different Branded shops...and I saw one Coach wallet that I liked.. $379 and one more PINK GUCCI WALLET wor.. well let me work hard for that ba haha...

Of course we were window shopping the whole day lah.. we are not rich kids ok...

CELINE.. Selyn your shop? haha

Me with Selyn or CELINE??

She is sad cause no one takes pic with her...


Dinner was at the hawker at the Round Market in Tampines...

U know the one recently featured in 抢摊大行动?

That's my fave variety show currently.. Oh ya we went there cause they were awarded the GOLD MEDAL for their stingray and lala... So how can us who stayed in Tampines not show our support?

Star of the day... Sting ray... We ordered the Ten bucks one.. I tell u this could be one of the nice ones I ate before.. I loved the sambal chili on top.. You can taste that there is 虾米 inside.. and if ever they sell their chili in a bottle.. I would definitely buy it home. It tasted great with white rice.. I could eat the plain rice with that chili only.. no problem.. yum yum...

Then we had the Lala also.. one of the fave dish. It's bean paste lala.. the gravy is nice..however it's a bit salty for us... however.. the lala is not hard and it's fresh.. no fishy smell.. $6 for this.. cheap riteeee..If it's not salty I might have drank all the gravy haha...

Overall it's a nice dinner with hawker prices...Three of us shared this.. and we were so full.. that we decided to walk home from there...haha.. after dinner exercise..

Address: 李记
Tampines Round Market & Food Centre
Blk 137 Tampines St 11 #01-26
Open only in the evening...

And please be prepared to wait for at least 40 minutes.

Short Note: The waiting is over.. Today is a sunny Day :)

With Love, 9:21 PM

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