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Tuesday, April 29, 2008'♥

Into Year 3...

School has started for a week plus..

Oh well.. I'm so reluctant to go back to school...I missed my last holiday.. I had so much fun and that is the last LONG holiday I had before I graduate... I have no HOLIDAYS in AUG due to attachment...THAT IS SO DAMN SAD seriously...

Anyway I finally started Year 3 and up till now it mean more projects, projects and still projects...

In Year 3, the tutor will spell out everything in the first lesson, stressed u this deadline that deadline, straight away throw the problem at you and asked you to discuss -__-...Unlike in Year 1.. They played ice-breaking games with us...hmmmmphhh wad a big CONTRAST haha

Currently had three projects on hand...One of them involved planning an event for a company which is going to happen on NATIONAL DAY....wohoooo when the date gets nearer... I will tell you guys more about it... Must go down and support alright...lolz..

Today is Ben & Jerry's free cone day.. it's my only motivation during lesson time...After class we faster chiong down to one of the outlets...and we found out that

THE QUEUE WERE DAMN BLOODY LONG LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really so long...that you wouldn't want to queue for it.. especially in this hot killer weather...

I ish DISAPPOINTED!!!! -_______-

NOW... who wants to treat me B&J ice-cream? You would get a free entry on Mrstea... (as if I'm those famous blogger, haha but who cares?) I will write up an entry about you...minimum 200 words... haha...

ONE more day to Labour Day...wohoooo.. I'm getting a free treat from BC... THAI FOOD~~ Yummy...

TMD, I'm just damn cheapo nowadays...

To sum up the number of treats I got from last holiday would really scared you guys off...haha but I'm still gonna do it anyway... As a token of appreciation...

MY CHEAPO LIST of treats and gifts from MAR - APR 2008...

* Lao D - Free paid trip to Batam everything include, and the lousy 7zai

* Ah D - French Restaurant, Chang Cheng Porridge, Jack's place

* Joewyn - KBOX session

* Selyn - The zi char at 138, Soup Restaurant (tmr opps)

* Ripplevox- Free movies or events always - The spiderwick Chronicles, Top Shop 20 bucks Gift Card

* Nuffnang- Free paid trip to KL

* X-tin - Ding Tai Feng, K-lunch

* Elsie - Cab Fare, Haagen Daz Chocolate fondue

* Cindy- LV wallet from BKK, Glitter Mascara

* Joseph- Tian Ji porridge

Power rite.. I even managed to go for short overseas trips without my own expenses... wohooooo

See now you know how reluctant I am to start school le ba...

I think I can win the Most CHEAPO AWARD this year...

on par with

Auntie AUTOMATIC (zi dong sao) lah~~~ hahaha...

Don't asked me why Ppl want to treat me... No i didn't pester them to do so... I just roll on the floor give them an innocent and poor look..haha..

Free treats, freebies or gifts are still welcome...for once there's no deadline to these...haha

Pls feel free to contact me for more info....lolz..

Short Note: Cheapo is a trend now....

With Love, 10:00 PM

Lover ♥

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