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Saturday, April 26, 2008'♥


I remembered 933 Fm got this time slot during weekends to intro songs from China.. If I'm not wrong it's 1030 on Sat and Sun morning..

Today We shall have a 中国风 in Mrstea.

I was being mind fucked influenced by Lao D to listen to all these cheena songs.. But yesh trust him me the songs are pretty nice...

1. 没有你的日子我真的好孤单

This is his current favorite.. He said he can use this song and go and cheat girls.. Let see how much girls he can cheat...

2. 不要用我的愛來傷害我

This song is damn sad... especially for those who just broke up...

3. 你是我的男人

I wished I wouldn't have to sing this song to a guy....haha

Yeah current the top playlist of Mr D's player..

After listening to the songs.. I realized Cheena songs' had a few things in common...

* The lyrics are always so damn good..able to relate to it...
* The songs are always so damn sad...able to make u cry for instance..
* The singer are always so damn powerful... you can feel their emotions when they're singing the song...full of 感情....

That's why now is really 中国风, there's a lot of potential singers in China and I think their singing career are going to a greater heights...

Do you all like the songs? One thing for sure.. I know another saddist Ah D will love it....


Will update more about Ms X-tin and Ms Elsie's Bd celebration in the next post.. cause right now I still burped Chivas...I need to rest haha..oppss..

Short Note:
Dumb Dumb = Dump Dump???

With Love, 3:50 PM

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