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Wednesday, April 16, 2008'♥

Goodby BIG East Square...

I never expected myself to stay in this firm for long... at least that's my thinking one year ago..Though it's only a part-time job.. it's the first part-time job that I stayed for so long..

Today marked the end of my journey with this firm, this boss.....

I might complained about him every now and then (orite who don't complain about their boss?) but today when he gave me this "GOLDEN HANDSHAKE" I actually felt a tinge of sadness.

So many memories at the workplace.. it was the best period when I worked together with Ms Eun and Ms Yap. I guessed we were the first to really utilize the microwave there, We were the first who ordered Mac and Kfc to the office and we were the first who took photos in the toilet..

Those were the days...

and Boss even forgot that it's my last day today.. Thus.. no pay yet -_____-

Anyway today finally there's a change.. no more CRISPY PANCAKE!!!

He bought me these:

Chocolate swiss roll cake and dunno wad bread...He must be in a very good mood today rite?

cause He bought this...

Samsung i780!!!... Yeah just read about the reviews about it on the papers the other day and I got the chance to play with it... haha..

Being the super noob boss with Samsung, he asked me to do all the settings for him...there's alot of functions and I loved the stylus haha its damn fun to poke and poke (acted like sibeh sua khoo sia) However the camera is onli 2.0 Megapixel.. (oh come on, normally those ppl who take this kind of phone are too busy to be zi-lian rite haha)

It's supposed to be a smart phone...but.. I think dumb ppl like me can't operate it.. will get really blur sometimes...haha no wonder I'm doing fine with my U700 (I loved this phone alot) Yeah I will never get a blackberry, PDA phone... no way... damn tedious lah..

But my dear boss is super happy with it... cause he only spent $300 on this phone.. real bargain for him haha..

My day just passed by like this.. helping him exploring the phone... wad a slack day..

When he left, he kept asking me to try to squeeze out a day to help him.. Saturday also can... COOL MAN..

This year would be my third year.. I guessed things are going to get real fast pace and with the internal and external attachment... Well let me consider it first ba.. Shall looked at my time-table first which is going to be release tmr...


Finally on Monday.. I went for the k-lunch with Ms X-tin...

yesh FINALLY!!!!

and she was not late... COOOL

WE sang from 1115-4pm amazing rite... Thanks for the treat Ms X-tin.. Hao ren you hao bao hahaha

We went to the Marina Square branch, my first time being there, the rooms were spacious and I liked the layout.. TWO tvs... yeahhh..

But the lunch......Errrr....

Ordered the chicken cutlet set.. together with some stir fry mushroom... One word... DRYYYYYY.. there's no gravy so everything is like too dry lor.. however some ppl may liked it.. I think my house downstairs de Chap Chai Ben better lor at least got Curry Gravy haha...

But who cares? The singing session more impt rite? And yes I finally managed to sacrifice the KTV cravings I had for a few months le.. Enough liao.. no more KTV for the time being haha..

I ish got a fat chin...haha...

We went to Kenny Rogers for a late lunch...So long no go KR le.. really missed their Side dishes haha..I always go KR for their 1/4 Chicken set.. never really tried other food before...

Wow they had so big portion of side dishes now.. last time was only a scoop?? Oh ya.. forgot the chicken shrink it's size already hahaha...

Macaroni Cheese ish a must ORDER!!! Still as tasty as usual...

Though it's a simple afternoon.. but I enjoyed bitching with you this Bimbo opps Beauty X-tin haha...

Short Note: Time to use the substitute for replacement...

With Love, 8:48 PM

Lover ♥

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