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Saturday, April 05, 2008'♥

Free Trip again...

This holiday.. could be one of the best holiday I had... Lost of free treats and not to forget


In less than 24 hours I will be out of Singapore..on my way back to my hometown.....

But I'm not going to stay at my uncle's house...... instead..... RESORT!!!

My first time to the resort in BATAM...

I will be the one at the Jacuzzi pool man.. Oh ya.. dun ask me the person in the pic is naked anot...

Who am I going with??

Muahahaha Wait till u see the pics...

One year ago someone and ____ fren signed up for a credit card. One year later, someone and ___fren decided to redeem the points.

Therefore I am going with someone and ____ two frens who happened to be a couple. COOL TWO LIGHTBULBS!!!

I want to eat lots of seafood... cause someone promised me that too.... YIPPEEEE!!!

Let's hope the whole trip will be fun ok... I'll be back on MONDAY... buaizzz

Short Note: I seriously want to swim.....BUT I........haizzzzzz

With Love, 9:44 PM

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