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Monday, April 14, 2008'♥


Blogging can be a good distractor.. a good way to transform your thoughts into words.. a good way to past time.

Especially in the night, where time passed by so slowly... when it seems so lonely.


Met up with dear cousin Ms Cindy last Wednesday for some chill out session after my work.

We had Pasta Waraku for dinner.. it's always packed de lor..

I think my blog is slowly going to become a food review blog... but I'm not so professional as --->IeatIshoot

For my case.... it's I shoot I eat hahaha..

Tried the branch at Central.. this time we went to the one at Marina Square..Great service from the staff.. I like!!

The great variety of pasta to choose from... it's always an headache man.. all just seemed so good..

Another Ms see with her dunno wad baked potato stuff..

I ordered the Gratin set meal

My gratin... which was another name for baked pasta? It's nice lei..

My chicken and egg soup pasta.. first time I tried it.. the soup is clear and it's like those chicken soup..good good unlike those cream pasta.. which is damn filling...

The both See...

Since I'm in city hall I might as well... GET my beloved J.co Donuts!!!

I heart J.co Donuts ever since day 1.. So happy that it's in Singapore.. xiang dang nian I had to carry it all the way from Batam.. NOW NO MORE woohooooo

The brand I trust....haha

Yupz I carried the donuts and went shopping... totally forgot about them suffering inside the box.. SEE they MELTED... but nonetheless it still tastes great when i re-heated it the next day.. Awww.. I missed the CocoLoco and Heaven Berry...

Tks Ms Cindy for the gifts you brought back from BKK for me.. I loved the wallet especially...cheers..




本来不觉得你特别疼我, 直到你不再疼爱我以后, 直到你放弃爱我以后....

Short Note: 3 days..

With Love, 9:24 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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