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Monday, April 07, 2008'♥

The chronicles of Apples- The bad ones....

Claudia was a cute girl when she was young. Everyone dotes on her alot, she felt love from her family and relatives and not to mention friends.

All the love makes Claudia a friendly, sociable person and sometimes abit stubborn.

One fine day, Claudia passed by a garden near her house and she saw a basket of apples. The apples just looked delicious. Since it's a hot day, Claudia decided to bring the whole basket of apples back.

Claudia can't wait to try the apples.

The first apple: The outlook of the apple just looked so appealing, Claudia thought it must be planted by those rich people as it's the biggest among the rest. As it's one of those high-class apple, there's an instruction manual attached to it on how to consume it. It's sweet at first, but somehow loses it's flavour over a period of time. The first apple was demanding, bad-tempered and stubborn, if Claudia did not eat accordingly to it's method, it would turn bad. Claudia's mum knew that she found a basket of apples and warned her to eat one slowly at a time, but being stubborn, Claudia ate finish the whole apple in one hour in her own method. In the end the apple turns ugly and Claudia was sick of always following the rules of the apple. Claudia got a bad tummyache that night.

The first apple makes Claudia realize that she has to take things slowly, it teaches her not to trust things easily, don't be a fool and continue holding on something that is obviously don't belong to you. Most importantly, have her own rights and not be so soft-hearted.

After a period of time, Claudia decided to take the step of faith and tried the other apple.

The second apple: The taste is super sweet, so sweet that Claudia forgot her bad experience before and continue eating it. Claudia began to wonder, if this apple is so sweet why doesn't anyone pick it up? Something must be weird here. True enough, this apple did have another owner, just that it managed to escape from its owner waiting for other people to pick it up. Claudia thought she had found a good apple but who knows once she did not pay attention to it. The whole apple was infested with ants. Many of them. And yes, Claudia suffers another rotten apple fate.

The second apple makes Claudia realize that good things will sure attract lots of attention. Check the background before consuming it before everything became complicated and some apples can be used for other purposes rather than consuming them.

Not resigning to fate, Claudia tried the third apple.

The third apple: Third apple is simple, too simple to be eye-catching. However it did had it's good points. It's delicious on the inside. After the first apple incident, Claudia believes that she should not be fooled by the outside instead focus it on the inside. Third apple is the best ever apple Claudia had tasted in her life. She really thought she had finally found the right apple. She slowly consumed it and learn more about the art of eating apples. However, good things don't last forever, it might be for Claudia's case. She tried to be a good owner, but the past experiences makes her over paranoid and insecure. She wanted so much for this to be the last apple but somehow she makes it worse. Maybe she just consumed it at the wrong season, wrong time. The apple isn't ripe yet at that moment. Claudia decided not to consumed it in the end and she threw the apple away. At least it's not another rotten apple.

The third apple did not diminish Claudia's hope, at least she once had a somehow good apple before. Just that maybe she picked it up at the wrong season and time. If she could turn back the time, she would still consumed this apple but maybe be patient with it and let it ripe first. She had learned to not take things for granted and cherish it more. Be more understanding and not demanding.

After the third apple, Claudia's totally changed. She had somehow became immune to eating apples. It's been three years since she had an apple. She would always misses the third apple but somehow fate doesn't allow her to find a good apple just like the third one. Maybe it's fated she thought Maybe the best is yet to come or maybe she should wait patiently for the fourth apple to ripe.

The fourth apple: Prior her bad experiences, Claudia just took one bite to try first. She dare not take a big mouthful and be hurt. The first bite tastes not bad, but it's a bit over-riped. If it's ripe already, it's delicious why doesn't anyone pick it up? Maybe it has an owner like the second apple, maybe it want it's freedom like the third apple? or maybe it's the combination of the three apples before. Claudia became overly-sensitive and dare not trust the fourth apple at all. Up till now , she still did not consume the apple yet. She knew that she can't afford to be hurt again and she knew that she would lose all her hope if she gets hurt again.

The fourth apple tried ways to gain her trust but somehow there are still some missing pieces in the puzzle. So Claudia decided to stay things as it is now. Maybe she will be much happier this way, she had friends to encourage her and accompany her. She gave the fourth apple freedom to find it's owner too, both of them are independent. Some time ago, things happened and Claudia realize that maybe the fourth apple is not meant to be hers, the taste is different from the third apple and it's really not the taste that she's looking for. She decided to let this rotten apple fade away slowly from her life.

Though Claudia did not manage to consume the fourth apple. Somehow the fourth apple allows Claudia to understand one thing. Some may look eligible, or maybe too eligible to be true but there maybe some hidden truths behind it. If they are so eligible, would they even bother to choose Claudia as the owner? There are much better choices around. Claudia is thankful that she did not commit the same mistakes for the fourth apple. She is happy that because of the incident she began to see the bigger picture of the matter.

The baskets is still full of apples , whether to consume it anot it's another matter, whether the apple is good anot is another mystery. Claudia decided to stop consuming apple at the moment but she do not deny the fact that there will still be good apples around, it's just that she haven't found one yet.

When will she find the good apple and satisfy her cravings for the rest of her life? Claudia thought as she sat beside the basket of apples.


My Love My Fate

my love my fate
you will fade away
I love I hate
I'll miss you always

太美好的東西 會走
還未愛夠了你 怎放手
從來不肯假想 失去你那感受
我這對腳 怎麼走


my love my fate
you will fade away
I love I hate
I'll always be afraid

我要首先講聲 我走
還是愛到你說 請你走
如果講一聲 請照顧我感受


其實再次見你 真需要靠演技

my love my fate
you will fade away

I listened to this song while I was on my way back from the trip in the _________'s car....More on the trip in the next post...

It seems that both of us have the rotten apple's fate

For now, I just need to get rid of my PMS....

Short Note: A story that not all will understand....

With Love, 4:53 PM

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age Forever 21


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