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Monday, March 03, 2008'♥

Where is everyone?

In case you're wondering where has everyone go to? Why is the blogsphere so quiet?

The answer is: VIWAWA!!!

Viwawa is a website that provides a number of games... One of the best game is the Wahjong which is the same as Mahjong...It's fun and the graphics is cute...u get to earn money buy clothes for your WAWA (avatar)

This is my wawa...haha.. my nick is kopisoh.. come and add me and we can play mahjong together...If you're still hesitating, forget it cause people like LAO D, MR E, Ah D already sign up le... see all the ah peks also know about it haha...so what are u waiting for? lolz...

Shit.. I think I'm addicted to Mahjong more and more le...die die die... haha

Will be going for a movie screening tonite... it's sponsored.. will blog about the reviews later on.....wohooohooo

Short Note: Sad tonite no mahjong again....

With Love, 10:08 AM

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