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Wednesday, March 05, 2008'♥

SpiderWick Chronicles

I managed to catch "The Spiderwick Chronicles" on Monday all thanks to Ripplevox. Initially I thought this movie was the sequence of Narnia (which is due to show in May) my bad for not doing enough research about it. After the movie what I could say is it manage to stand out on its own. I had a wonderful experience, a fantasy one in fact.

The story takes place in New England, United States, where the twins Simon and Jared and their older sister Mallory move into the Spiderwick Estate left to them by their great-aunt, Lucinda. They discover a field guide to faeries written by the house's previous owner Arthur Spiderwick and soon begin to realise that secret creatures like brownies and faeries really do exist! Mulgarath, a ogre, wants to get hold of the field guide and attacks the children in an attempt to obtain it.Thimbletack, the brownie assigned by Arthur Spiderwick himself to guard the field guide, and a filthy-looking but likeable hobgoblin named Hogsqueal, help them defeat the evil ogre.

The whole show was intense and exciting especially when the evil ogre tries to get into the house. With some hilarious parts throughout the show. I was totally immersed into the fantasy world. I felt like i had bought a ticket to the fantasy world for the whole of 96 minutes and it manage to capture my full attention throughout. I'm sure that for both adults and children they will all enjoy it. However, the image of the creatures are quite scary though, therefore i would advise that young children might not be able to take it. Other than that, I supposed this show caters to almost everyone.

My favourite lines from the show by Thimbletack " I die, you die, we die, Bye Bye!!". He really tickles me with his expression.

This show is not draggy instead it's exciting, funny and has wonderful creative design, which transforms it into a veritable feast for the eyes.Out of 10 I would give it a 8.5. The other 1.5 I'm saving it for the next sequel. Can't wait for it though.

For more information of the Spiderwick Chronicles do visit their website at http://www.spiderwick.com/


Phew that's my review for Ripplevox.. managed to catch it with Ah Yap. It seems that whenever I got preview show to attend she would be the one haha. We both indeed had a great time.. Up till now i still can't forget the I DIE YOU DIE WE DIE BYE BYE phrase.

Been looking for job the past few days, up till now no avail yet.. but i will still continue to try. Haha.. Been slacking at home playing mahjong online with ah yap.. wad a cool hobby rite haha..

Met up with Jessie just now for a simple dinner at bugis.. Oh my Bugis really changed alot lei.. so long never go and there's so much restaurants there.

On the way home I was chatting with Charlotte mummy and I really agreed to what she said. Communications matters in a relationship and both of us are attracted to guys who speaks hokkien or chinese.. NOT ANG MOH... oh my that's so funny, we shared experience that we would get turn off often when guys speak ANG MOH to us the very first time we met them haha.
Now u know why I clicked so well with ah peks ba...haha..

Nuff said.. some pics of our bubu qiao she does not belong to her mummy onli.she belongs to the three of us me, her mummy and her AUNTIE Christine hahaha..

ALL THESE POSE WERE STRICTLY POSE OUT BY HERSELF.. .oh my has she already plan to be a model in the future?

I just loved this pic of hers.. So girl lah... muacks

I'm going on a surprise trip next week.. it really came as a surprise.. FOUR of us will be going...Will blog more about it in the next entry...wohooohoooo

Short Note: Not my baby photos, i wish i was half as cute like her.....

With Love, 10:18 PM

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