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Friday, March 21, 2008'♥

Just when we thought....

It's been nearly a week ever since the Nuffnang Pajamas Party...Guessed many of us, bloggers are still in the Post Party Trauma. It's like yesterday since we went KL for the big event.

And yes, Day 5 and I'm still waiting for the pics.. Moral of the story...SAVE UP THE MONEY AND BUY A CAM.. lousy me haha...

Just when I thought the whole party trauma had died down... I saw this....


Read the above blog for the full report...

We are on Malaysia's Star Newspaper!!!!

See lah at first my frens complained that our seats are too near the stage later sure kanna sabo..but turned out its not bad ok... nice angle to take photos..can see the stage well and most importantly be in a lot of photos haha accidentally i mean lolz...

Hahahaha.. I got good foresight ok....lolz..

Met up with Ah D for dinner just now at Botak Jones Bedok...I heart the fries man!!!...

During the dinner, He encouraged me alot of stuffs and I'm still waiting for reply on one sms... This chao lao beng might be very beng sometimes...but he can really be a good listener...

Mr Ah D also known as Daniel
31M single available... abit old but beng...
Loves to watch soccer, supports liverpool
Hokkien is his mother tongue language
Play mahjong like brushing teeth
Likes to hangout at kopitiam

Anyone interested? No pics available coz this guy is super duper shy.. BENG On the outside, Caring on the inside...pls contact me... I can arrange for a matchmake session...No fees will be charged... can't wait for him to get attached and stopped nagging at me...

lolz.. he is so going to kill me for this....

Long Weekend ahead... enjoy my dear readers...oh ya hopefully the sat event there will be alot of bloggers attending it. Hope to catch up with you guys.. .:)

Short Note: It's been five hours...

With Love, 1:12 AM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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