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Tuesday, March 25, 2008'♥

How open is your heart??

Last Saturday.. me along with x-tin was invited to The Youth Aids Awareness Event at Cineleisure with compliments from Nuffnang.. In conjunction with the Open your heart campaign together with the Health Promotion Board, we were there to attend the Exclusive screening of the the short movie August 29.

Open Your Heart Campaign is a campaign which hopes to reach out to youth to open their hearts to empathize with people living with HIV/AIDS and realize that we are more susceptible to the disease than we think.

CLICK below to watch the trailer of August 29...

As the age of contracting AIDS is getting younger, I think more youths should be aware of what kind of consequences their choices will lead them to...

Just one time, it's enough to ruin your whole life and your loved ones...

I loved this pic.. got it from http://www.openyourheart.com.sg/s/pic/0

Yes, Don't let AIDS turn your life upside down... The next time you're faced with choices, always opt for the one that will not harm u and your partner... BE WISE, Think twice.. (oh man, this sounds like quit smoking campaign). Ok I'm serious... Be mature with your choices...

Do come on down this weekend to know more about the AIDS Awareness Campaign

Venue: Orchard Cineleisure foyer
28 March 2008, 5pm.
30 March 2008, 2pm:
30 March 2008, 3pm

I promised you, your thinking will change after that.

Mingling with the stars...

Us with the Lead actor and actress.. On the right my new blogger fren.. Ms THB (she requested to remain anonymous so I thought I should do so too though everyone knows how I look by now, worst is Ms X-tin who cropped herself out of the pic.. reason is Ahem u know lah... haha)

We had a mini Nuffnang bloggers' gathering at Coffee Club Express after that..

It's fun to get to know more friends, especially those who uses the same medium to express their thoughts, feelings and rants..

Of course, the snacks not only these...there's a lot more.. we were just too busy chatting to take pics.. Thanks Ming anyway... thanks for the treat :)

Mr David Gan...opps no JAMES from Jameo a friendly dude...

The three who celebrated their birthday with us.. Mr Julian and Miss Sher... and Mr Jarius

Short Note: Love yourself, protect your loved...

With Love, 12:12 PM

Lover ♥

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