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Saturday, March 29, 2008'♥

A day of my working life...

Been working in this firm for more than a year.. I'm the sole survivor there.. boss hired so many assistants but none of them last as long as me...

Why am I still working there? I asked myself... though we all know how "kind" my boss is...

1. Money.. though its normal market rate... but since I'm still studying I think with this extra money my finance will not be that tight

2. Flexible hours... I can choose the time slot I wanted to work and changed it according to my schedule...not many firm allows this for sure!

3. Flexible days... Can choose to work any days I liked... and if i can't make it an sms will do the trick haha

4. Near my house... With one straight bus the trip took around 20mins and tadah I reached my workplace le...

5. Easy Jobscope... The job is easy.. i can even closed my eyes working... some will say they are stress.. but after working here for so long.. I'm already immune to it le.. haha

So these are the TOP 5 reasons why I stayed on... however I might quit once sch re-opens this sem.. Third Year le... more projects and soon attachment.. dun think I got time to work though.. we shall see how..

Recently Boss had been good to us... amazingly...

He would always bought us some snacks..One of them is this...

Hmmm I think this is called the crispy pancake.. Should be taken while it's hot.. inside there's peanut and butter..Super crispy I liked!!!

My 7 zai... so cute rite.. his face cheered me up when I'm bored at work haha.. Someone promised to buy me a bigger one... let's see if that someone will fulfill the promise haha

I would always go lunch with HS and recently we found a coffeeshop near workplace which sells nice food.. One of them is....

Yong Tau Foo.. If you know me well enough you know that I can't resist YTF... Whenever I'm in food court or wad I would always have that...Why this stall is so special?

For the fried items rite.. they will re-fried the items to make it more crispy for you.. u can choose to separate it.. for me I dumped all things inside.. There are no specific how many items you should take.. and I loved their variety of choices.. Some places had "Rabbit" food which means all vege onli... opps haha.

The chili is very nice... I did not pour the whole plate in as I usually did cause I'm having a bad cough and sore throat now...Soup is nice too and u can refill it if you want.

However uncle never state how much is it per piece.. so it's better u all asked first...

Yes that's Hs my colleague cum poly mates haha.. That's the YTF stall behind it...

Location: Coffeeshop besides 116 Changi Road (beside Chew interior design)

Stall might looked small but it's worth the try... Typing it now just makes me wanna go work soon haha...

Next up, I will blog about the gathering session last night... It's such a good experience.

Love you guys we shall meet up again next week.

Short Note: Monday is the day...

With Love, 1:31 PM

Lover ♥

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