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Sunday, February 17, 2008'♥

NO Updates....

I'm trying hard to enjoy my last few days before going up the mountain once again for my upcoming End of Semester Exam.

This year my Chinese New Year revolves around Mahjong, Mahjong and still Mahjong...Steamboat, Steamboat and still Steamboat...

Up to date, i have Three Steamboat session and one more is coming up this THUR...COOL rite.. i guessed it's healthier than eating FRIED CHICKEN haha..

Even on Vday i had steamboat...COOL RITE...

I climbed up to an ulusamy 13th storey flat in AMK just to play mahjong yest haha.. Nah, I'm not a gambler lah..it was a gathering session.

I promised to get my hands on this.... or


It's still on my wish list...Any KIND SOUL??

While I was playing mahjong, I realized something...


Love is like playing mahjong...

sometimes others might help you to win the game..but most of the time is to depend on urself.
you may have a nice set of tiles at the beginning but it doesn't mean u will win in the end
is not easy, you need to open ur eyes wide
there are many tiles around but you only need one to 胡牌

My own philosophy...

Overall I enjoyed my new year this year...many things i wanted to blog about and pics too...OH YES I've finally changed a new handphone...so now i can take photos and photos wohooo. But all these will have to wait until i roll down from the mountain or when I'm bored from studying, whichever is sooner haha...

Few more days to end of CNY...enjoy more people...if not its another 365days again.

Can't wait for my last holidays before attachment...and yes i tink I'm going on a holiday....GENTING again!!!!!!!!! wohooohoooo there are two groups of people going...but i still not decide which group to join..but it's still open for registration..so whoever is keen pls sign up for it haha...

Mountain is calling me...tadah....

Short Note: I am still at the stage...

With Love, 10:08 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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