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Wednesday, February 06, 2008'♥

The Eve of CNY...

As usual for the past 23 years, I would be on my journey back to Batam to celebrate the new year with my granny and relatives there.. I remembered there's only once in my life that i did not went back, that's when my uncles and aunties came over... but that was just so long ago....

Ya and the part where those "SINGLE" hated is..."So how you got bf anot now?", "When are u getting a bf, not getting younger anymore lei", "Your cousin attached liao, next one is u le"......argggggggggghhh this is the "KILLER PART" scary rite... when u reached my age and many had spoil the market u will know how i feel seriously... haha.. SOOOOO if the questioning gets abit out of hand... I think I might just brush off by saying...

"Yes I'm have a bf liao and I'm going to get marry soon...real soon.. prepare ur angpow pls the little one is coming out of my tummy soon *pointing at the babydoll dress*." Let's hope i won't get shoot by those questions... hahahaha...

Frankly speaking, i really have no idea how is it like to celebrate new year in Singapore.. especially now that I'm old, I have friends here, it would be fun if we would be visiting each other.. or a simple mahjong session will do. I missed my frens here...

But on the other note, I guessed everyone will be busy with their own family visiting instead than to bother about me ...haha..

I'll be back on Friday I hope.. I tried to psycho my mum...i can't imagine staying there so many days nothing to do and i have so much stuffs to complete here... Two journals to be completed by Monday...COOL..it did dampen my mood a little.

Dunno how many donkey years then i tie my hair..it's us my project mates before our WELLNESS presentation...On the left, Marcus, me, selyn, vivian and joyce...

Lastly, I hope to wish every a prosperous Chinese new year...May everyone HUAT HUAT HUAT!!!! I seriously need to huat lah.. damn poor now..haha..

Short Note: Wait for me for visiting lei...

With Love, 2:02 AM

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