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Sunday, January 06, 2008'♥

Sleepless Night...

Since I can't get to sleep, I tot i might as well blog about 2007. Yesh, it's backdated...but yet I wouldn't want to start my new year before clearing up "2007" and starting "2008".

2007 is neither bad nor good for me... at least I know it's so much better than 2005 the worst year of all.

In 2007 I .....

* Adopted Da Bao and xiao bao ( my best companion ever!! I loved you two Bi Bi Bu)
* Went KL for the first time...(can't wait for the next time)
* Went Genting 2 times (dun ask me why, i just loved the weather there)
* Went JB alot of times in the initial part of 2007 (i loved the hokkien mee there)
* Learned French (yeah je suis celibataire)
* Discovered Tian Fu (my fave steamboat place, wantons!!!)
* Celebrated my god-daughter 2nd birthday (many more years to come)
* Celebrated my bd with a BBQ Party (the happiest day on 2007)
* Knew where is Jln Chelagi (tks to joyce)
* Discovered 1nitestand (and i love the live band there no doubt)
* Founded "Healing Sunday" (ahem ahem quite busy the past few weeks)
* Went to Taste paradise for two times (can't wait for the third time )
* Went to Jay Chou's event at Dragonfly (mai siao siao hor.. )
* Went St james the very first hour of 2007 and it's.... (dun need to repeat that dai sai incident le ba)
* Went prawning and fishing for the first time (tks ah ber jie)
* Went to the zoo to relive memories (yippe)
* Drank Goat's milk the first time (yeah credits to rambutan sisters)
* Discover the nice place for breakfast "THE BEACH HUT" ( i missed the american breakfast)
* Discovered Shilawon the Korean BBQ RESTAURANT (yummy)
* Attended Lina's Wedding and be her jie mei (yeah I'm left with one more time so ppl pls grabbed me haha)
* Went for blood donation two times...(yeah more to come)
* Know more new friends... (you know who you are)

Though I did not have a bf this year....or i should say for one yr and a half (forget abt lao d, he's not one of them) haha.. I think my life is blessed with friends...they are much better than a lover...(though sometimes i still wish for a guy to be there for me), i had crazy fun, i had joy with them...something which i might not experienced with my bf...Thank God for friends and family members....

My Resolution for 2007

1. Sign up for Basic Theory (this would have to wait after i graduate)
2. Get at least two A in my results (well, I've tried and got one so sad)
3. Slim, Slim, Slim (as usual at least 5Kgs) (ahem... u lose and u gain.. get it?)
4. Overseas Trip to KL, Genting, Star Cruise, Bkk (ok not so much places at least got KL AND GENTING)
5. Go Donate Blood (ok i'm proud of myself at least i did two times in a year)
6. Sign up for a ministry (hmmm... )
7. Go to the ZOOOOOOOO (yesh i did that with a bunch of frens)
8. Learn a new Language (Korea, Jap, French, Spanish) (ok at least got French)
9. Save money (I typed until sian liao) hahaa (hahaha this year i managed to save a little..not bad liao hor)
10. Spend more time with my closed ones… it’s never enough…(yeah, more more more....)

So in a nutshell, at least i completed most of my resolution in 2007...

It's time for the resolution in 2008 *Drum Rolls*

1. Save money (yeah more to come)
2. Slim down (ok lah every year sure got de)
3. Get more involved in sch activities Eg: Openhouse (yeah yeah I'm acting opps)
4. Overseas Trip (maybe to Genting again..opps im crazy, KL, Hongkong possible??)Sponsors pls?)
5. Blood Donation (3 times a year...yeah save more lives!!)
6. Spend more time with closed ones (it's never enough, hopefully bring my parents out often)
7. Learn cooking or baking more (so that i can make great food for my loved ones)
8. Get at least 2 B+ in my subjects (hmm this sem quite tough ahem)
9. To Sleep earlier ( i always slept late.. bad bad bad)
10.To be able to visit the Singapore Flyer ... (omg!! So romantic, i can't wait man haha)

That's basically all.. yeah keep it simple so that expectation will not be high and won't get disappointed.. Oh yeah my dai sai ness is forever here.. just few days after new year.. I'm dai sai again... shall blog about it more...

More photos to come coz i haven't receive it all.. OH SHIT i should put.. buying a camera as one of the resolution!!! ahah...

Till then....

May the Cherubs blessed me with good love life this year.....muahaha

Bonne année....Année Bonne en avant

Happy New Year... Good year Ahead!!

Short Note: Je veux pendant une année bonne en avant, Je veux que vous soyez les miens.....

With Love, 1:55 AM

Lover ♥

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