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Tuesday, January 08, 2008'♥

"Just some advertising"

Well, as I've said in my previous post, I'm involved in acting a skit in the TP Openhouse this week... We are only left with a few days to rehearsal and the time is very short as many of us have classes and other commitments..

Best thing is.... due to some saboing... my group is going to present the skit to the Course Manager, Directors and stuffs... First show COOL.. and it's a full dress one... Theme is set in a so called "alumni nite" however it's more of a clubbing setting... so those at the background suppose to dance around and mingle.. Ya...Ms Eun and me has been cracking our heads to think of what to wear...

I just love my group, we get along pretty well... and we encourage one another.. that's cool.. Oh ya I'm feeling nervous about it at the thought of that.. coz u know i tend to speak very fast when I'm nervous... BAD POINT!! haha..

Do come and support me if you so happen to be free this week...Details as follows:

Tp Openhouse
Date: 10, 11,12 Jan 2008
Time: 12-5pm
Location: Lecture Hall 23

Yeah Shufen is going to come support me this Sat... cool rite... pls bring along banners and pong pong haha..Heard that the goodie bag this year is Cool... take more hor.. hahaha...

Short Note: time together is short...

With Love, 11:13 PM

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