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Monday, December 10, 2007'♥

Long Awaited Healing Sunday.....

On 2 Dec, met up with my dumb dumb fren.

Location: Chinatown

Walked around the whole of people's park and chinatown...yesh my dumb fren went on a SHAWL spree... she bought nearly 10 shawls...for what purpose? Dun tell u all haha....

At 8pm we went to 味之樓

Yeah, it's our second time there, it's getting better lah.. probably cause of the food we tried differently from the previous time... (the previous time review)

Yummy food this time round.....

The appetizer Honey Walnut if i'm not wrong.. so yummy...

First dish of the day.. XO Fried carrot cake..($7 ) this is one of the popular dish

The 3 combination ($18)... this is a MUST HAVE!!!... combination includes Peking duck, Wasabi prawn anddddddddddddd FOIE GRAS !!!! yes yes u never see wrongly, coz this is a fusion themed restaurant therefore u can see most of the dishes it's a combination of the East and the West... oh ya back to foie gras, this is my first time eating it..and i was....SUPER high lah....coz it's simply melt in your mouth lah!!!..SOOOO NICeeeeeeeee and while typing this entry, I'm actually thinking when should i go back just for this...haha

Another MUST HAVE!!! Hot stone Shark's fin... the stock is so nice that you won't need any vinegar and pepper to complement it... and yes big pieces of shark fin.....($38 bucks) the portion is big which we always shared between us....

Heard from the captain this is a new dish, steamed Australia's Scallop with garlic and vermicelli, the scallop are big and fresh...so QQQQQ Price: forgotten

We had this Si Chuan's chicken for the second time..and it's still taste that nice....the portion is half a chicken.. by the time we ate this dish we were already super full lah..so we had no choice but to takeaway this...just can't get enough of the crispy bit.. My parents loves it so much when i da bao it back...

Lobster Ramen ($18), you do not need any complicated recipe if you have the freshest ingredient, yes the lobster is so fresh and the meat so QQ....


Avocado Ice cream...for Ms Dumb Dumb

My mango puree...($4.50)

AND because of our desserts, we won ourselves a KFC treat from someone....haha whether it's confired anot we shall see what happens when we go back the next time :)

Total Bills choke up to $150 plus... thanks ms Dumb for the treat... bonus coming ahem ahem..ahem... hahaha
Nice dining experience, nice ambience and nice layout... Do give it a try if you have some extra cash to spare...I would say the food would be worth the price.. :)


I'm officially up on the mountain....three more days to my paper and tadah it's gone...Will be accompanying my mum to SGH tmr cause she got her cataract surgery today... tmr will be the followup... 830 lei...i'm going crazy soon...

Me and Ms Joyce were so enthu about our xmas celebration...that she went to buy a XMAS tree to decorate her house...and guys and girls the theme for that nite would be RED OR GREEN.. pls come in that if not...u would stay outside the house in the cold cold weather...

MS DUMB did u heard that?

So far the confirmed attendance...

Me, Vi, DumbDumb, Pat, JX, Jess, me and Joyce....WOHOOOO...

So far the Confirmed FOOD are...

Roasted chicken or ribs
Ice cream log cake
Potato or fruit salad
Shephard's pie (maybe)
BBQ Ribs (maybe)
Chicken cocktail
Fried beehoon or Spagetthi

Pls bring along a present to exchange...Suitable for our group one.. dun give ah ma's underwear or ah gong's dentures thks...haha..

Date: 25th Dec
Time: 6pm
Venue: Joyce's house.. (ULUSAMY estate)

Yeah...orite back to studying liao.. will onli update after my test...stay tunned...:) Can't wait for Shufen's bd celebration this Sat :)

Short Note: Awaiting for the truth...

With Love, 10:27 PM

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