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Monday, December 31, 2007'♥

Goodbye 2007

I have a lot of things to blog about.. including my resolution.. but i have NOOOOOO TIMEEEEEE...

Orite Orite Seriously i have no time left.. meeting my darling in one hrs time for the new year's celebration... But how can i end 2007 without wishing my readers "Happy New Year 208"?

I started the first 10 mins of 2007 well, but at the fifteen min i lost my precious camera, so i did not enjoyed the celebration last year at all... and I'm DETERMINED...

never to repeat the same mistake again this year... so no big crowds, no messy crowds, no squeezing, no shouting.. I'm gonna spend my countdown at somewhere near to the sea... somewhere that held beautiful memories and somewhere that I know the boss...haha..


Whether next year would be a better year for me... I really have no idea... but I strongly believed this...

"How you end your year determines how you start a year "

Yeah yeah yeah.. I know every year i says this...

I just wished that I will wake up on Year 2008 smiling... :)

Happy 2008 everyone!!! I really hope that you guys will enjoy the year ahead !!!!

Short Note: It gonna end this way but i will not let it start this way again :) never....

With Love, 8:24 PM

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