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Sunday, November 04, 2007'♥

" Yet another Week"

It's finally "Healing Sunday", a day which set that I would be out with my dumb dee dee dumb fren... I guessed I need more ideas in planning where to go.. coz we really running out of ideas haha.. So ppl if you guys have any nice places to go pls feel free to suggest.

I have alot of photos to upload but I'm waiting for ahem Ms Selyn to lend me her cable to upload the pics.. as u know this is not my phone ma... I'm thinking of getting a phone SOOOOOOONNNNN i'm just struggling of what colours and waiting patiently for my contract to end in two months time....

Something at least to look forward to in the following week:

* Eve of Public Holiday ( we are going to have an outing )
* Deepavali (no, im not celebrating)
* Healing Sunday next week
* Saw 4 date with Mr Bullshit

Other than these, I really have nothing to look forward too...My life revolves around projects nowadays.. faintz it's ok i will complain more about it next time... I need to go prepare to meet Ms Dumb liao...Today our destination is Orchard.. .Where are we going to shop, where are we eating?? Stay Tunned....

Short Note: My feelings goes with the song....

With Love, 11:45 AM

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