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Sunday, November 04, 2007'♥


If you have known me long enough you would have known tat I'm someone who will not get angry easily..

Maybe I will curse and swear for a few seconds... But after a while i'll be alright... I'm not those who will show my temper in front of my frens...

But I'm those who will sometimes take it out on my family.. which is bad enough

Perhaps it's the stress of the projects that is building in me, perhaps it's because of my hormone levels, perhaps it's because of other reasons, or perhaps it's you, the CATALYST that just sparks off everything...

I had a great day with my dumb dee dee dumb fren and once i reached home and saw that the living room is in a mess.. I totally lose control. My parents have cleared out all the stuffs from my room and put it in a living room... I'm super pissed off.. I know they meant it well by cleaning the room for me.. but what I'm pissed is that I purposely rushed home to do project and here they are messing up my stuffs.. It took a whole of ten mins for me to locate my books.. Can't they put everything in the same place? Yes, my room is messy but i just don't like ppl to take my things and anyhow put... and the best part is .. they took out le never put back in my room... SO now what? have to go to and fro the living room to find the things i want? Anyway I've throw enough tantrum to let them know that I'm really pissed off.. I know i got my fault too by shouting.. but the temper just rise up like dat.. i can't control it.. maybe i need Anger Management Course myself too..

Whatever it is.. I intend to say SORRY tmr... they meant well for me too...

BUT I'm still angry...

Angry with those ppl who think that they are kings and queens in their LIFE... thinking that everyone owes them..thinking they are that GREAT... thinking that everyone needs to succumb to them... thinking that we are desperate for them... and how we think and feel doesn't mean a thing to them as long they are right themselves...Do u know that your actions are sickening? Do you know that your thinking are like a 3 year old? When ppl doesn't say anything doesn't mean that they are fearful of you, doesn't mean that we dun dare to fight for our rights.. but it means that we simply can't be bother with u MORON!!! Ya go do all the things which u think is right..as long u dun come into my life anymore.. I just can't foresee YOU in my future anymore....


Short Note: Maybe u can roll too...

With Love, 10:06 PM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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