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Saturday, November 24, 2007'♥

Old Cartoon Lover....

I woke up yesterday morning with this on my arm......

Ok I know the pic is abit dark... A BIG blueblack on my left arm...and it's damn disgusting too...

I went for blood donation on Thurs, it's a sudden decision. Didn't know there's a mobile blood drive in Tp that day....I saw the notice on Wed but the timing was from 11-5pm we decided to go swimming and come back the next day.So after 24hrs consideration, Vivian and me went for it. It's Ms Eun's first time to blood donation. She got a sticker with "It's my first time, please be gentle with me." AND INDEED it happens to be true. If your eye sight is very good the red dot in the pic is actually the place where they poke the needle...Over 24hrs the blueblack spread their territory... and COOL i got a BIG BLUEBLACK wohoooohoo....Pls dun be intimidated by this.. normally when i went for donation, it won't happen perhaps the nurse is inexperienced enough or.. as what she said I got a "DEEP VEIN" which is like saying.. ur fats are covering ur dumb veins and i can't SEE it at all hahaha... Anyway it's getting smaller each day.. let's just pray that no one will slam my arms on SUNDAY.. if not i will throw whoever into the pool haha...

Beautiful PINK bandage...

The New Stress ball previously it's the HEART SHAPED ones... so cute rite..like a packet of blood.. i tink i'm going to collect stressball from now on haha...

Sorry Ms Eun this is like the onli pic we took hahahaa...no choice..I also ugly hor..bo bian hor hahaha

My next donation date falls on 14th FEB 2008... wad a day man...ya i guessed instead of dating (which i tink i won't have a bf by then) I would be at HSA donating my blood haha...wad a meaningful day...lolz..


So I spent my beautiful FRIDAY and Sat Afternoon.. with an injured arm watching CARTOONS....

Here are the list of cartoons:

Mickey and Friends Pre school dunno wad shit
Spongebob Squarepants
Thomas the train and friends
Dora the dumb (ok i add in myself) Explorer
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (Turtles in the Hard Shell, CORRECT?)

COOL RITE...I didn't know there's so much new cartoons that i never heard before.. one of them is Dora the Explorer... who the hell is she??

I found out from that MICKEY show that if you have hiccups u just jump up and down for 12 times and it will be gone.. how true is it? When Ms Yap hiccups (which she always do) again next time i will ask her try haha.. if not u can go and sit on MICKEY for that...

Anyway i tink that cartoons nowadays not much storyline de.. so BORING lah.. Still prefer the times where there's Captain Planet (my fave), Carebear, Smurf, Chipmunks, The dunno wad Unicorn, Bugs Bunny, Where's Wally...and lots more... So fun lah..

Why they can always repeat those long ah ma drama and they can't repeat long ago cartoons?

I want to watch my nian dai cartoon.. I DON'T CARE!!!!! *rolls on the floor to and fro*

Last time I woke up 9am every weekends to watch cartoons with a bowl of instant noodles.. and i would sit there and watch like a dummy...-____- Life is so blissful then...

But now the cartoons damn sianz lah...especially this...

Oh my.. why so many of my classmates love them? They are not cute at all lah.. not to say funny...hahaha
But anyway to each their own preference... But my Rhino-Dino is not happy with them...and this is what he did...

Haha.. Patrick kanna bite by Rhino-Dino...Si Patrick wo bu ai ni!!!!

Orite to clarify Rhino-Dino is bitting Patrick's leg..and not ahem other organs...and they are not engaging in some kind of _________ activities.. so dun get the wrong idea hor.. is it me onli? hahahahahahaha...But you can't help to smile when u see that dumb Patrick expression ahhahahaha

Short Note: What you said is right, have faith.....it happens all the time...

With Love, 10:42 PM

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