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Sunday, November 11, 2007'♥

Just a little bit more...

If I still don't blog by today, i tink my blogsite would soon become extinct
lesser clicks = longer time to cash out my money from Advertlets
and I would sooner or later lose the motivation to blog anymore.....

So what should I blog about?

Should I blog about the swimming session i had this morning? (same old usual routine no worries waters in the pool are still intact)

Should I blog about the Wake? (I dun think tat's very nice)

Should I blog about my projects? (Nah, i'm going crazy even at the mention of it)

Should I blog about how i spent my Deepavali's Eve? (It's healing Wed with Ms Quah Quah, nothing interesting though, oh ya one thing for sure.. CATCH STARDUST, it's a NICE SHOW, FUNNY AND MAGICAL!!! i give 4.5 stars out of 5 Stars, might catch it again.. I love it so much)


Maybe I should just have a photos post? ( I wished, many photos are still in my phone, the cable which Ms Selyn lent me just love to restart my comp the moment i put it in...haizz?)

I think I should not blog about all those routine stuffs...my life is kinda of boring nowadays...

A blog should be medium for me to share all my happiness, events , thinkings and unhappiness isn't it?

Let me share about my feelings ba...

With the busy lifestyle of this generation, I wondered did anyone sit down and ponder about this word


Have you ever had this kind of feeling of not being appreciated?

You tried ways, methods to accommodate other's feelings, to make things functions as a whole, tried ur best to pick up the bits and pieces and yet in the end not a single form of appreciation?

Have we been too busy to take things, life and people for granted?

Up to the extent that, if you should fail to meet the expectations.. arrows will come flying and all pointing towards you? Is that a responsibilities or is that just simply a routine?

Just the other day, when I lost my schoolmate. I realized how important that is to cherish and appreciate people around you...But when I told two of my frens, they thought I'm joking.. am i such a clown that i would not be serious at times and be joking 24-7? Yes, both of you, if you two really take my words seriously....

This post does not serve as an arrow to my readers telling you all to appreciate me... If I never remembered wrongly, being appreciative comes from deep within the heart and not when you are constantly being reminded.

Humans to humans relationship are not that easy to understand though.
Follow your heart and be who you are....

Short Note: I'm officially sick and tired of all these shit...pardon me if i appear to be a taker and not a giver

With Love, 10:00 PM

Lover ♥

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age Forever 21


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