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Thursday, November 01, 2007'♥

His Reply...

I was chatting with this new friend from Facebook. His parents hope that he would be converted to Christianity, but he was not ready yet.

So he started off by reading Our Daily Bread every morning...hoping to understand God more. I told him to have small talks with God also. Just like talking to a friend, telling Him about his day, his problems.

He then asked me a question..."How do God reply to me?"

I told him..." Through time"

God sometimes speaks to our heart to reply to our questions. But often He speaks to us through His actions. It's a matter of time that He reply. He might dragged on the reply so as to let you cultivate patience, understand the situation better first and of course appreciate Him and not take Him for granted.

Talking to him, makes me miss church....makes me think back of the time when I first Encountered God...that kind of sweet feeling.. happiness is like going on a first date... I love you God...and i will never forsake You...

Short Note: Not gonna leave it aside...

With Love, 12:22 AM

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