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Tuesday, November 20, 2007'♥

Getting There...

Alright so I'm left with like 4 days before the BBQ party. Been busy (ok maybe not me lah) preparing for the BBQ... Went grocery shop with the girls yesterday.. and i noticed NTUC is one of the place we frequent nowadays..Ms Eun helped to stock up stuffs she's going to sponsored on Sun and she's kind enough to carry all of the stuffs home.. ONE STRONG WOMAN!!! haha...

Alot of ppl asked me why do u so called want to have a "Big" celebration this year? Cause even my 21st birthday i also never invited so much ppl. My dad was saying why i want to waste the money?

The only reason and the most simple reason is... Life is short... After Mandy's incident, I realised that life's really very scary, you'll never know when you will drop dead and tadah go up heaven and meet God... It's like everything so sudden. since I'm still alive, why not I enjoy myself with my loved ones and be happy? Coz no one can predict future......

I know it's gonna cost me a big big hole in my pocket, coz in the first place i'm not rich at all ..these are my savings.. but i guessed the moment together with your frens and family members are far more precious compared to worldly possession...Upon hearing these, my mum told my dad, "Let her celebrate lah, really life is short, happy is the most important thing."

Okie Okie it's direction time...

Simei Green Condominium is not such a well known place and it's hidden in a ulusmay corner... So here are the directions and address...Hopefully it helps...

Here is the address:

Simei Green Condominium
Address: 1 - 15 Simei Street 4
BBQ Pit 2, and function room

This is the front of the Condo.....

Photos taken from Singapore Expats website...http://www.singaporeexpats.com/singapore-property-pictures/condo/simei-green.htm

The view of the Swimming pool that feels a sense of familiarity...haha

This is the bbq pit... it's very near the swimming pool, if you can see the pool u can see the pits haha.. So for sure you won't get lost in the condo...

How to get there...

By Bus:

Bus 38 ( Take from Tampines Interchange around 15mins, alight at the second bus stop after Eastpoint Mall, you will see the Condo on your left hand side...)

Alternatively you can ALIGHT MRT at Simei Station, Walk to the Bus stop directly infront of East Point Mall and take 38 Alight at the SECOND stop....

Bus 12 and 5 (Alight once you see the Moriah Church, take these number onli when u know how to walk from the side gate to the front...haha)

By Car:

If it's unclear.. do visit here http://www.streetdirectory.com/asia_travel/travel/travel_id_8030/travel_site_84184/4/

For visitors, You are allowed to park your cars at the Multi storey carpark just near to the guardhouse.. It's fourth storey.

Those travelling by bus, when you pass through the main entrance, if the security happens to ask you about the identity, just tell them that you're attending the bbq at pit 2. If they need any clarifications, just call me at my mobile no... :)

I think that's roughly the directions of how to get there... if you are still lost give me a call ba...

Reminder again:

Date: 25th Nov 2007
Time: 6.30-9.30pm
Venue: Simei Green Condo
Dresscode: Casual

Here are the Sponsorers: *Updated List*

Mr Jacob is kind enough to sponsor the cake,
Ms Vivian Eun and Ms Joyce Potato Salad and Jelly,
Ms Selyn Yap the decoration and balloons and water dispenser
Mr Kenji the beer
Ms Christine Lim (ahem, Sushi)
My mama the bee hoon
Pat's Dad homecooked Curry
Ms Wendy, the drinks dept

If you all have some last minute changes or can't make it, do give me a call...dun worry I won't BITE!! haha at the most i scold @@&#^@#&%$ haha no lah.. won't scold lah..

"I shall have a contest.. see who is the EARLY BIRD CONTEST?"

The first person who arrives at the bbq will received a gift... (not including the helpers, haha u know who u are) yupz.. this is to thank "whoever" for arriving early and be punctual....haha let's see who will be the one ba....

See you guys in four days time....:)

Short Note: Most unlikely presence...

With Love, 10:35 PM

Lover ♥

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