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Tuesday, November 13, 2007'♥

Fake Girlfriend

It's my second time to go to a function with someone's from the opposite sex. The first time was with "that someone" whom brought me to this Guinness Dinner at Expo two years ago.. event was great with alot of nice singers... that time I'm still his gf....

But today, I'm someone else "fake gf"... tats like so COOL huh? Apparently, Mr Bullshit is a faithful Plasma Donor. What is Plasma? Click here

It's around the same as Blood..and he's been donating that for years...

So he's invited to a dinner tonight for a token of appreciation as well as a small award as a token of appreciation. And that's when I come into the picture when the invitation stated there, he could bring along a guest... muahahaha.. Talk abt friendship...

Registration starting at only 6, before that Mr Bullshit came over to my school for some tour around...as well as to drink the 70cents MILO...

Ever wondered how Mr Bullshit looks like? If i'm not wrong i've post his pics on my blog before which is like a donkey years ago, you could be lucky if u searched the rite archives...guys will be guys.. always so difficult to ask them take a photo.. trying to appear COOL huh? -___- I think i should find a bf that loves to take photos so to offset me and then i will hate to take photos le haha

Taken at TP canteen.. haha

We reached the event quite early.. and so we wandered off aimlessly... he more worst got to wear the dumb tag. At about 7pm the dinner started.. Buffet style reception.. I loved the hokkien mee.. see i so good even help u all find the website in case u all need catering ... Smiling orchid's catering

Mr Bullshit, is quite gentlemen, helped me to take these and that.. not bad for a "REAL bf" anyone interested? Still single and available... haha..

The award ceremony onli started at 830 tat's like a really long wait.. and the whole hall was onli half-filled? Those ppl are so bad... if u cannot make it dun RSVP lah...Guest of Honour arrived and gave speeches, then it's the presentation of award time..

Though it's a small award, but it meant something.. Mr Bullshit told me that the last time he's on the stage was public canning during primary school... faintzz... wad a drastic change.. To me going on stage was nothing, coz since young, i dance, i sang, i act, i story tell, i received award many times liao.. i tink i loved ATTENTION too much lolzzz. but to Mr Bullshit, i can sense that he's really very happy and excited...though he's trying to act as nothing important.

He got the Bronze Award.. and if i'm not wrong u need to donate 30 times in order to get this award. 1 donation every three months.. so that's like 2 and a half years before u can get this award.. provided u go once every three mths.. I really pei fu all those award recipient...

Not to mention the Silver award recipient.. 50 TIMES lei!!! that would took dunno how many years.. and i noticed that most of the recipient are MALES... where are all the FEMALES?? are they afraid of PAIN?

NO NO, it's actually not painful at all.. I've been to blood donation for like 4 times.. and it doesn't hurt at all, they would put the yellow medication on u and your arm would be numb onli the taking out of the needle u will fell abit of ANTS bite.. other than that it's so fun to see ur own blood flowing out of ur body...WARM lei.. (ok i'm not being a saddist here )

So females out there, the min weight is 45 kg.. so how many of u are over that weight?? Pls, reflect and go donate.. and those 44.5kg one, pls tell me i can make u heavier in a week's time haha..

If you're interested to donate blood u can take a look at the schedule for the mobile drive.. http://www.donorweb.org/mobiles/ otherwise visit HSA bloodbank at SGH there..

Oh ya back to the award.. the MP was so... man.. hahaha..i wished i was the one on stage taking photo with him.. opps..

So here comes MR BULLSHIT with the MP...

Pardon the poor quality.. i dun wan to act so ENTHU and go to the front and take.. this is the best i got haha..

The award is a gold coin.. and Mr Bullshit says he wants to aim for silver award for the next two years.. let's wish him all the best...

Here's the award...

Yes, I'm gonna to aim for this too when my Problem is settle first...

There's alot of food leftovers coz of many not attending.. so they gave us box to bring back the food...and ALL THE AUNTIE UNCLE damn KIASU lah....they squeeze and they fight for food.. in the fastest speed.. I mean like THERE"S SO MUCH LAH!!! why must so gan chiong spider..

BEST PART IS.. one uncle take until the box is so full.. and he took like 7 BOXES OF IT lah!!! he even took out his own SHENG SHIONG PLASTIC BAG to contain the boxes, can u imagine the plastic how big? fill with boxes to the brim lei.. and all FULL ONE with alot of mee and meat...I began to wonder are they preparing ration food for the war.. SUPER DUPER THROW FACE lah!!! Luckily i never take photos coz i dun wan to be so bad like ms Carles Junior if not that uncle face can throw away seriously... i tink he can eat that for breakfast , lunch dinner tmr...I really admired him for his kiasuness and he's a big GAN CHIONG SPIDER.

I did enjoyed myself today.. though it's quite a small event..

There's something in the speech that touches me...

The blood is the onli gift u can give out of ur body always..

yes, the feeling is great...to be able to help someone just coz of a packet of blood...perhaps i should sign up for volunteer or be the ambassador man...haha

Short Note: Some friends are just meant to be friends and friends only... When is the ONE that is not meant to be friend appearing?

With Love, 11:11 PM

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