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Thursday, November 08, 2007'♥


It supposed to be a joyous occasion for the other race group but another tragic story happen in another part of the island...

I was doing my project at Joyce's hse when Ms Selyn called me... Beside asking if i would like to have bubble tea, she added on that Aidan called her up to ask if she knew about the news...

The news that one of our schoolmates, Mandy - Ling Mun

At that point of time, we can't confirm the truth until when i called ah jin and asked him to called Jeffrey and everything came to the light....

Yesh, She's dead...

Didn't really have much contact with her during the school days, but we all knew each other's presence. We are of the same age, and she is from next class.. both of our class were very close, news were often not left out between the two classes. Up till now Ah Jin is still my CNN informant...:)

Mandy's a nurse, someone who go all out to help patients and yet......

Apparently she had just knocked off from her night shift at 4 in the morning, her bf fetched her and while on the way home, their bike skidded and she was thrown off the pillion seat. And that's when she breathed her last breath (if i'm not wrong)

As schoolmates, what we can help is to spread the news to as many of our friends as possible. So that at least there will be friends to send her off during her last journey.

And Yes,

I'll be going down to the wake tmr with a group of friends...Let our presence shows her how much we cared...

Rest in Peace Girl...You'll be missed....

Short Note: Life is really short if u still don't get what i meant...

With Love, 11:32 PM

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