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Friday, October 26, 2007'♥

Spare that Spelling Mistakes..

Well I'm now typing this entry with my fake acrylic nails..so if there's anything grammar or spelling mistakes..please dun scold or laugh tks...

I got alot of things to update...including my first birthday present for this year(complimentary from Mr Bullshit).. and a new RA show that I watched...but i got no time..haha I'm going back to Batam later will onli be back on Sunday...Between Halloween party and the wedding...I chose the latter.. Yes.. I'm so gonna go Halloween next year I promise...

Great and I've just received news that by POPULAR DEMAND (ahem I added in myself) I'm actually in the Ah Yi's Sisters namelist...LUCKILY lao niang bought alot of dress recently...Zhong yu ke yi pai shang yong chang le wohoo.. if not i will definitely strangle my dear cousin for informing so last min...

I just got back from a 3-in-one package... Swimming, Jacuzzi and Sauna..I'm so damn tired...and the best thing tmr is to wake up at 3.30am to receive the groom...Please tell me that 4 hours of sleep is enough...No matter how tired I am..the groom shall not be let off.. I remembered the last time My cousin in law Ah John hated me for giving him a dunnowhatshit mixture of Big pau, egg, coffee plus soya sauce... mauahhahaa I'm evil when it comes to these...No choice u tink so easy to get the bride meh?? Must remembered to pack my Masking tape into my bag hahahahahaa

Ok Ok did i mentioned I still haven't pack my clothes yet? Shit SHIT SHIT..time is no enough... and i haven't even book the ferry tixs yet.....COOOOOOLLLL

Goodbye Singapore for three days.... Welcome me Batam...

Da bao is packing himself into my bag now...so cute..wohooo

Short Note: Leave it aside for awhile...

With Love, 3:32 PM

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