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Wednesday, October 17, 2007'♥

Foodie Club....

The morning started with a series of unfortunate events... which kinda of dampen my mood.

First thing first, my beloved yummylicious chicken pie dropped and hit the piles of letters on the desk...SHIT so wasted...and it dirtied my letters... DOUBLE SHIT!!!

A few mistakes I've made at work that almost struck off an argument between three colleagues..well done!!! At that moment, when they're arguing whose right and wrong just beside me, I felt like screaming at the top of my voice asking them to shut up. Tears filled the brim of my eyes.. and I almost cried...I took a deep deep breath and tell myself I must not THROW FACE. I wanted to cry not becoz ppl blame me, not becoz i'm afraid but becoz i felt that i have drag that colleague who side me down into the picture. She was fighting for my right while the other Ms Donald Duck was talking as fast as a speed of a bullet. Yesh, she made me hate Gan Chiong Spiders more....TRIPLE SHIT!!!

I spent the rest of my day, hiding in one corner happily finishing up my stuffs... Just when the clock strikes 6.15 i happily rushed out of the office for dinner appt with a shock on my face.. IT WAS RAINING ELEPHANTS AND DINOSAURS!!! Me, Selyn, Dumb dee dee dumb Christine and Vivian (who came to our workplace) was totally DRENCHED. MILLION SHIT!! But we still went on for our dinner appt... it was too much to be missed...

I wanna thank Ah Ber, she is kind enough to go my house to fetch my mum and granny after her lesson.. YESH, so kind rite? I was kinda of touched when I saw her msg, if not both of them would have to flag a cab at those stormy weather..yesh my 85 year old granny in stormy weather.. THAT's so qi cham...

Anyway no matter how stormy it is, we all reached our destination safely... and that's Tian Fu... This time is different..coz it's the first time that so many of us went together... Total 9 of us.. plus xiao bao its 10...

Those presented were: Selyn, Vivian, Christine, Charlotte's mummy, my granny, my mama, ah ber and Wendy....

Yesh, why them?

Coz they all loved tian fu..and they are the ELITES after my observation...They all can eat a mountain. And most importantly, they are from my different groups of frens..so often they would ask me to eat Tian Fu at different times, so I decided that TODAY once and for all go together...

And I tell u.. when we really eat... I tink guys who saw it will faintz...(there will be photos and videos for evidence..courtesy of MS DUMB DEE DEE DUMB X-TIN, now we shall wait for her to upload the pics). There's a table of males besides us..and i tink we really have no xin xiang until they kept looking at us.. damn malu lah...we really eat a lot and the aunties were refilling our table until sian...It's fun eating with them..we were basically FIGHTING for food.. yesh, if ur slow.. TOO BAD....just wait for the next round ba.. Kua kua kua...

I'm happy today.. really happy.. to see that my family are able to mingle together with my friends.. to see my friends all open up and talk to each other even though it might be the first time meeting each other, they are able to relate to one another.. I'm thankful for all these frens who were there by my side whenever i needed them, well it doesn't mean that if ur not invited today then ur not my good fren, just that they are the Elites get it? (Poor pat she wanted so much to come, but she got her DB training).

Wanna Join Foodie Club?

If you think that you loved to eat or u live to eat, pls drop a tag and tell us.

Criteria for member:

* You must eat alot
* You must at least know one of my fren (negotiable)
* You must have money (if not hw to eat rite?)
* You must not be GAN CHIONG SPIDER
* You must have a credit card (opps, this is extra criteria, having it will gain advantage)
* You must be willing to travel (we might go JB to eat as u can see haha)
* You must have a never say die attitude
* You must know how to gossip ( we loved to gossip alot when we're eating)
* You must be on standby mode (sometimes we last min decide the outing de haha)

The few of us then adjourned to Loyang Partyworld at around 10pm for some heart to heart singing...we were too tired to take pics there.. but what i can say is...there's really a lot of songs that we still haven't sing it (yes we left at 1230).. i tink i must go ktv for 6 hrs then enough oppps.. but i still lose to u MS Xiao Han hahaha...
To Ah Ber:

It's the least me and Wendy can do.. We really hope that you will be strong, not just outwardly but also inwardly... We are here for you, it might not be a listening ear we can be of companionship to u too...Just tell us and we will try. Appreciate what you've done for us and it's time we reciprocates back with our time for you...

Love ya...(oh tat kind of sounded abit les)
With love

Kerin(on behalf of Wendy too)

Short Note: Time now 2.15am...Struggling to go work or not...opps..

With Love, 1:39 AM

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