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Tuesday, September 18, 2007'♥


There's has been some matters bugging me for the past few days...

A decision that will lead me to somewhere

The What ifs are hanging around my mind...

I finally decided to pluck out my courage tmr...

I'm not too confident about the outcome and it will most probably turns out to be a disappointment..

But I'm trying.. no matter what...yes, at least I've tried...

I will pretend that I will have only 24hrs to live and this is one of the decision I will make on that very fateful day...

Mr Bullshit has already decided to lend me his shoulder, should the whole plan went wrong...He said that in the most Ah Gua's tone: "Jia you Jia you Jia you"....ekkkkssss Thanks I appreicate it... though I still prefer Lao D's version haha...

Give me 24 hrs and we will all know... for the last 730 days is everything worth the wait?

Short Note: May God Bless Me....

With Love, 12:19 AM

Lover ♥

name Kerin
age Forever 21


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