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Saturday, September 01, 2007'♥

No. 12 Strikes Off

I got to strike off one of the items from the list of things I supposed to do during this two months holiday. Yes, refer back to the list and you know I'm talking about Fisherman Village.

We (Ms Ber and Me) was enthu to see Guo Jie (Trish bro), my Zhang dong liang alike (Samuel), people fishing and maybe we will fish too, fisherman basket and our long time friend Henikken Barrel....But it was a disappointment, when we reached there, it's so dark...and i tink our fave hangout is no longer in operation. I guessed they must have missed me too much till they are disappointed and close down the whole place haha.

But it's ok...it's a long stretch so there are still options around. We waited for Ms Cadrina and Jeslyn before deciding on which one to choose. In the end, it's Summer Breeze. Used to go there with Chelsia and Lao Chek i love the Fried rice there, haa but so late liao of coz never order lah.

It's kinda of stressful to go out with two teachers, as if Chelsia is not enough. We keep correcting each other's English preposition is so funni lah... Ms Cadrina is the mad one, yeah more siao than me... she laugh at the slightest thing. But that's good lah.. I wish to be so innocent and happy like her....:)

Hoe garden Barrrel, for those who think beers are bitter, u can try these.. It's very mild..but for me i tink no kick (yaya rite) hahaa...

My Ice-Slim (yeah, even eat ice cream also think of slimming), I dunno why they choose to serve desserts first rather than finger food... Makes us so Je Lat first rite... then we can't eat the food later on...yawnzz

The Giant Platter...wohoooo its nice, but we can't finish all, coz too full from desserts...I love their Soft shell crab.

Jeslyn and Ber Ber (as wad Cadrina call her, eeekkkkk i prefer calling her ah ber jie, more Gungho) hahahaha

Me and Cadrina.. i dunno why my face appear to be so oily, I tink it's the poor quality camera muahahahaha... no lah...see the lighting behind? I feel so holy with the glory in me...whooooooo

We were chatting abt our sec school lives, when Ms ber leaked out her notorious secrets, how rebellious she was...and she even ahem..set fire before (mild one) oh ya her skin colour has nothing to do with the fire muahaha...

Then...This morning i had a weird dream... I dreamt of going Jb, with ah ber , kenji and a few others... we went to this temple and I found my name inside well done...and its quite errie then ah ber take out a stack of those joss paper and says we need to burn it... So we went outside and they burnt it.. i was standing down there watching..then.. out of sudden the fire become very big...and they rush to the cofeeshop to take water...when the fire diminished we found a poor cat is injured, the cat got some burns, her fur is chao ta abit.. so ke lian...but we have to run coz later police come...so we left the cat there and ....My phone msg ring, well done....

Very adventurous dream hor....poor cat.....

Within three days, i used three different handphone model, Motorola, Samsung and now Nokia (Chel wanted to use my samsung and exchange hers with mine)...Well done rite... and i left Sony Erricson, who want to lend me?? haha.. I got a hard time adapting to try out the different type of messaging...faintz...I tink i should seriously go buy a phone or a charger.. buay tahan liao haha

Alot of ppl said that my previous playlist was kinda of sad... all the retro chinese sad love songs.. have already changed the song now to

一眼瞬間" - by 蕭敬騰 & 張惠妹

Have you saw someone for the first time and fell in love at that first sight? Do you tink it's possible?

I loved Ah mei, new album...Haiz got to miss her concert this time round..Hopefully when i started working liao, she will come again...
I chanced upon this song from someone's friendster, the guy sent his gf this song... so sweet.. how i wish the girl is me... xin fu rite...

Orite got to go church le... today got one special person say she want to come... Let's see if she turns up...wohoooo..:)

Short Note: One by one pls...the song runs my memories of me and you...

With Love, 12:02 PM

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