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Wednesday, September 19, 2007'♥

Morning Dew....

It's been like one yr plus ever since I got up so early and joined the morning crowd.

The pace was so fast, waiting for the bus, picking up breakfast, walk as u eat, rushing from the train and squeezing in the train.

Everyone had a different expression, some did not had a good sleep and it was all shown on the face looking like a sleepyhead, some had a great night of sleep and was up and ready to go for work.

I'm back to all these.....

It was sudden, and i only gave like 10 hrs notice to my boss. I bet he had a great shock that nite.....

No, it's not becoz i dun like the boss, not becoz i dun like the environment and people, but my life has been pretty mundane though. Working from 1-9 has eats up all my social life. Friends would always wait for me to knock off and its pretty late for them as they had to work early the next day.

I was back to my old bank... the bank which I once worked 1.5 years there. That 3-letter bank. In case, you guys are wondering about my previous post, it was out to mislead u all...yes it's abt the struggle whether to change my job... many had thought it was a confession and I was having pms.

It was great going back there, i was greeted with many familiar faces....and I so missed the times I spent there... though there had been some internal changes but I will try my best to adapt to it.

I'm now in a brand new department, updating of cust records...it's challenging but the time passes very fast..I like!!! haha... Seems like i have a lot of fate with this bank, I had tried three different dept the previous time. Perhaps I should just stay rooted here after my graduation...wohoooo

So do date me out after 6.15 every weekdays ok?? Dinner appointment are very much welcomed.. but no more late nites...(ok maybe wed ladies nite lah coz i had priority entry) haha...

Okie dokie, have to catch up with my beauty sleep le...did not had a great nite of sleep yest, i spent like 1 hr in bed pondering......

In case life gets a bit stress....Do watch this... Xiao Bao doing Hip hop dancing in my office....

Ps: It's not me laughing in the background tks...

Short Note: Work is always my 避风港...at least temporarily....

With Love, 10:31 PM

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