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Thursday, September 20, 2007'♥

A Light to Others...

I was on Msn with Ms Cindy, when I saw her nick with the link of child sponsorship. Being the curious me, I went to the webbie and take a look...

There's like so much kids in the website waiting for people of better living standards to sponsor them, providing them a better environment.

I then very excitedly msned Cindy and told her that most likely I'm going to sponsor a child...and was asking her which child she is going to sponsor...the best part came, when she told me she's only putting up the webbie for awareness..faintzzzz... haha in the end she told me that she is considering too... and Ms Han is going to do the same thing too...Yesh, the cousins are so enthu abt sponsoring the child...

I always tot it's very expensive to sponsor a child, but with only $30 bucks per mth, you are able to help them, so why not? It's like only 1 buck per day? Sponsoring a child is not like only a few mths, I guessed it would be years before they grow up and work. So this means that, I would have to cut down on my Tian Fu trips (unless ppl sponsor me too haha), buying less clothes online...as u know.. I'm still a poor student myself too... I always believed that, there is nothing that is impossible, it's only up to you, yourself whether you have the determination to do that anot

This is the website...... http://donate.wvus.org/OA_HTML/xxwvSponsorChildTp.jsp

If you always hope to do something meaningful in ur life... this is one of the ways...Instead of spending ur money on ur Wants, why not spend your money on someone's else Needs??

As I've said it's a commitment and they depend on ppl like us to sponsor them, so pls think carefully and do not give up halfway.... :)

Well well welll, I'm still browsing thru, hopefully i can find a child with my same birthday haha.. Oh ya..I prefer a boy..opps I'm sexist haha...or Perhaps I should find a child from Brazil, so that next time he will be a famous soccer player?? Haha, this is only a joke, pls dun sponsor the child for a motive...lolz

Short Note: It's the least I could do....

With Love, 9:49 PM

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