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Sunday, September 30, 2007'♥

Got Money I happy.....

It's been a few months since I've last signed up with Advertlets... Today one of my fren joined Advertlets after hearing the raves I've made regarding the earnings. And it's been time since I've last visited the main webpage...and I saw a Review Opportunity....yeah.. I love Reviews!!!!!

I know I might not be as popular as those popular bloggers like Kenny Sia, Mole Mole etc... But I'm glad that over the past few months I've made some earnings from Advertlets... and the main reason why I'm typing out this post is....

(Heng ah luckily I saw it today, coz the whole review thing ends on 30 Sept!!!!!)

Oh Man, they got their cheques...Which I certainly have not!!!! Yesh Yesh, I need to do this entry so as to increase my poor low earnings.

Q -Why so excited to cash out?

A- It's different lah, this is not like the normal salary u got from your job, imagine you get your first cheque from blogging lei... Yesh, just by blogging, (which means sitting down at home infront of the computer and typing away ) no need to be stress about work, about the time , just blog as and when you feel like too...So now tell me who don't want to receive the cheque?? You'll feel a sense of satisfaction man.. at least your blog is being read by someone out there.. and you're not typing to the WALL alone... hahaha...

Q- So what will you do with the earnings? Eat it away? (Ahem it's quite obvious though)

A- Oei, doesn't mean I'm ahem abit more PLUMP means that I will spend the money away by eating haha, I tink i will save it up to my a new phone, as you all know my Motorola V3 has been sick for quite awhile and I'm currently using my fren's Nokia 6280 so it's kinda of paiseh rite.. to borrow so long and the worst thing is..it's not mine, what if it got stolen? I will have to bear responsibilities for it.....So yesh, the money will go into my savings a/c and sit there until I got my next pay and Tadah!!! A new PHONE...woohoooo So please Mr Josh, let me have my earnings and I can let my Motorola Phone Rest in PEACE.....haha....

For those who haven't sign up for Advertlets, Mai tu liao... I've been the guinea pig for a few months liao..and I'm still doing great...of coz I'm not Making lots of money like those famous blogger lah.. I'm satisfied with a little hahaha...

So here's the link... ( oh shit, I must type fast coz now already going to mid nite to Sept 30 liaoo oh nooooo)....

“Advertlets.com - Blog Advertising in Asia!”.

Yeah, here you go... What I can do now.. is to pray hard that this entry is selected.....*cross fingers*

With Love, 2:18 AM

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