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Saturday, September 08, 2007'♥

Cute Psychology Test....

Forget about the shopping trip and Jb post. Let me post all those at a later time....For now, pls go to this link
and try out all the cute Sanrio test....It's about 80% zhun lah.. I did not do all the 19 test but here are a few that I did....

What kind of guy that attracts me....

Click on the image if u want to read clearer...Oh man its so zhun for this one...i guess those who know me well knows this.. including MR A he always reminds me of this point hahaha...

How about getting married?

It's not a meaningless thing lah.. just that two ppl two ppl whether they are married or attached are the same.. just that marriage has more commitments and responsibilties and is bound by a piece of "paper". Oh ya i dun like to be controlled...so dun leash me ok.. muahahaha

What is the most important thing to you....

Of course it's work or study lah... I'm a career-minded woman hor.. mai siao siao hahaa...

Your Lost weight Program

Hmmmmm.... See becoz of frens i willing to sacrifice lei.. hahahaaha..

Party Test

Ahem... Knowledgeable lei.. ahem ahem... I tink it's 100% true muahahahahaha...

My Current Stress Level

Yesh of coz after my exams liao still stress for wad... muahahaha the only stress i facing now is my job...hopefully i will be able to clinch more appointments muahahahaha... It's a dog eat dog world...wohooooo...

Not bad ah.. all the test are so cute... I just love their colour combination..so bright and cute wor...

More on the shopping trip the past two days on the next post..

I'm so tired and misses my da xiao bao... muackss..

Short Note: Old necklace

With Love, 1:39 AM

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