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Friday, August 31, 2007'♥

Mountain Foot

I'm now reporting live from the mountain foot.. Yesh , it took me 24 hrs to roll down the mountain...Yipee...2 mths of freedom...But i will be working 3 days a week, coz bo bian I need to earn milk powder money for Da bao...lolz..

Yest after the exams, everyone is ecstatic... the whole Business school was so noisy, that we can't hear each other on the phone... Oh ya, yest a special combination of us went out for lunch after our exams. Me, pat, joyce, Jx and Vivian...why special? Coz this is the first time Pat joined me and my group of frens out...wohooo talk abt integrating lolz...

We actually wanted to go New York New York, but New york is too far, and we were all Hungry Monsters, and then Joyce reminded me of the Korean BBQ rest, Da Chang Jin at Far east plaza, since the bus also going to Orchard, we quickly alighted...

Yes, it's still at B1, thankfully it did not close down, but there's a change in the management, and the first thing i saw once we reached our table was.......was........was.... METAL CHOPSTICKS!!!!!!! oh my, if you know me long enough, you would have know how much i wanted to have a pair of metal chopsticks.. ( i got a weird habit of collecting chopsticks), I even asked Adele to ask her fren who went to Korea to get one pair for me... BUTTTTTT, he said he can't find..WELL DONE...anyway back to the lunch, i was SUPER DUPER high when i saw METAL CHOPSTICKS!!! I even thought of...(AH ber and wendy u all should know *Evil Laugh*) but then i was with a bunch of kids, they are all so timid lolz... so ya i enjoyed my lunch with the metal chopsticks, no photos though coz our phone sucks (yes, my dumb charger is spoilt again, using my mum's phone now) but i was disappointed with the fact that, last time we had the meat and we can BBQ it ourselves, BUT NOW, they served the meat in Hot plate and it's cook already, WHY???? it's not fun at all, my greatest wish is to BBQ the meat with metal chopsticks...haizz.... But anyway we had a fun lunch lah, Pat was killing me off with her dumbness of asking me pri 5 can ans question when I'm super duper hungry lolz...

Alrite enough of my METAL CHOPSTICKS, before that, we have all agreed to go cut our fringe, coz during the exam period, our fringe had all grown so long that it's covering our eyes, so we went looking around for a salon, i was thinking of fun it was the four of us, cutting the same type of fringe, dolly fringe and we even persuaded JX to cut it too...Best part happen when we were outside the salon asking for the price, coz Joyce had intended to cut her hair too.... then, i decided to go first lah, since they were still deciding...and that's it.. IN THE END, only me cut my fringe, they were all outside looking, oh man i FELT CHEATED muahaha, they pang seh me lei...nowadays the kids are so bad...they let the old woman go in herself lei..faintz...

we then went shopping around, and looking around for good offers, so many offers, so little money haha. Eventually me and joyce each bought a top, both for only 34bucks lei so cheap... ya, one thing to note in Far east is to compare prices, if not u sure kanna chop, yeah yeah yeah...At first we were thinking of going cine to watch movie after tat, but i forgot i had to meet someone to collect "Coconut" at 5pm... Since no way to head, we decided to act like tai tai and go Afternoon tea lor.... good hor be tai tai, and we went Paragon really a lot of tai tai lei... But i tink if i be tai tai i will be bored to death, lolz.. bo bian my ming is not so good, can't rest de lolz...

I realized there is so much changes in Orchard road lor, it's been so long since i go there shop, ever since i shopped online most of the time, i tink i must one fine day go there and explore... of coz with a good pair of shoes, coz my feet ached after yest adventure. I just loved Watsons, you can get everything there, and yes once i stepped into watson and NTUC, that's the end, i sure ended up buying things from them, i need a loyalty card from them too lolz.. bought da bao's bathing necessity, sweets and something (to be revealed at a latter day, not PREGNANCY test lah aiyoh).

That's my POST mountain day... simple and fun...and i got a good fren who traumatized me today... SHE IS SO BAD!!!... since im using my mum's phone, i can't read MMS pic, coz haven't activate...so eager to know what my best fren sent me (and to send one of my photo online).. i called Starhub to activate it...The message was taking it's time to retrieve it, and tadah it's DONE, and to my HORROR notice the word HORROR is BOLDDDDDDD, my Best FRIEND send me a pic of a You-know-what, well well done..... I dun care whether it's dead, alive or kicking, i straight away deleted it... it's enough to make all my hair stand, yes DA BAO HAir STAND TOO...eeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkk it's damn er xing lah..if my fren was there, i would have surely killed her on the spot but luckily she was not here..and she said luckily she never send that pic during my exam.. yes luckily she didn't coz i will STRESS + TRAUMATIZED = FAINT

Who is my best friend, that is so kind? Still got who, that naughty Monkey La la lah...Ms Berlinda Yang S****H**, i know she is trying to cure my phobia of YOU-KNOW-WHAT but thanks ah..dun see me BIG BIG, i got WEAK HEART... I dun wan the *28* to come so fast (remember 28 years old?) hahaha...


AND peeps pls dun tell me.. HOW CUTE that Ratatoouie (or whatever spelling coz i dun care) is..coz whenever i see the stupid advert it took me less than 3 seconds to close the window) I dun tink it's CUTE eeekkkk...

Oh ya since it's holidays liao... Here a list of things i want to accomplished....

1. Read finish my Harry Potter Series 7
2. Go back Batam
3. Go overseas, short trip
(i'm psychoing myself not to go Genting again, haha i'm still considering where to go)
4. Go 1nitestand pub (whenever i said this, everyone look at me with those kind of look until i say out PUB)
5. Go Mambo Nite
6. Go picnic or bbq
7. Swimming...yeah that's a must, Ms Vivian, Selyn and Pat...did u hear it?)
8. Ktv, Tupperware see and Ms Han?
9. Fishing or Prawning
10. Stay at JB hotel (putri pacific.. muahahaaha)
11. Go shopping
12. Go fisherman village
13. Bring my parents out for dinner...
14. Play Mahjong
15. Go Tianfu!!!

Tat's shld be all ba... two months after deducting my work...also nt left alot of days. The first thing to do is to pick up Harry Potter and read, and next Friday i'm going back Batam with my cousin.. its her Chinese bd... i want to buy J.co and i missed my little niece and nephew...i better buy back some sweets for them and my grandma.. i missed her toooooooo i will hug her coz she's so cute muahahaha.. and yes one thing for sure, she will nag at me, to find bf..especially now Mi jie, spoilt the market and gt bf le, so I'm the next in line.. COOOOOOOLLL...

Oh i guessed , this is a long boring post with no photos, yawnzz.. I'm thinking to get a new phone soon.. but i dunno which model to take.. pls recommend everyone... and i dunno what happened this few days alot of those i seldom contact ppl start contacting me again.. one of them is Adrian.. I tink only MS Han remembers him... mauahhahahaa, he changed job liao lei!!!! and he become so talkative suddenly.. Help!!!! haha...

Da bao is crying liao, he's sick today, need to take medicine le... zai jian le laoniang going be White dress angel le...muahahahaha...

Short Note: Fixing a broken cup...

With Love, 1:23 PM

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